QUTeX is a revolution in professional and executive development, bringing together knowledge from across the whole University, to help you to up-skill and stay relevant using QUT’s signature real world focus.

Why is being a life-long learner important for your career?

Life-long learners remain current, valuable and provide a competitive advantage for themselves and the businesses they contribute to.


of tasks by people are expected to be automated by 2030.

*Source: McKinsey Australia, 2018


is the rate at which soft skill intensive occupations will grow

*Source: EY, 2019


of employers say soft skills matter as much or more than hard skills

*Source: LinkedIn 2019

8 in 10

executives in a survey viewed continuous learning as an important or very important issue.

*Source: Deloitte Human Capital Trends

Find a course to advance your career

QUTeX courses are designed by experts and enable learners to extend existing skills, learn new skills, become more adaptable, more multi-disciplined and more valuable in the future.


Develop crucial personal and professional skills in project and process management, leadership, negotiation, mindfulness, and decision making.

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Communicate with confidence, discover the power of negotiation, or improve your speech writing and presentation skills to become a more engaging and persuasive communicator.

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Digital Capability

Develop the capabilities to enable innovation and transformation to take advantage of today’s opportunity-rich digital environment.

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Disaster Management

From planning and preparedness to response and recovery, develop your capacity to assist with organisational or community recovery from disaster or major incidents.

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Want to make a bigger difference in the classroom? Get the specialist knowledge you need to take your teaching to the next level. The more you learn, the more they learn.

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Fast-track your understanding of government structures and processes to supercharge your public sector career and deliver exceptional public value.

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Health and Community

Re-familiarise or gain an in depth understanding in specialist areas like CT image production, surgical anatomy, and palliative care. Upskill in health management, leadership, law, and ethics.

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Demonstrate your proficiency to prospective employers with the New Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) or develop a better understanding of Chinese people and their culture.

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Law and Justice

Understand the basics of contract law, professional mediation, law and ethics or complete the Trainee Solicitors Program and Supplementary Training for law graduates.

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Learn the skills you need today, so you can impact the world of tomorrow. Develop and implement strategies for success, manage stakeholder relationships and build strong and resilient teams.

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Enable transformation through innovation, human-centered leadership, workforce change, thought leadership and new technology implementation.

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Bolster your decision making with Lean Six Sigma, learn how to implement transformative technology, or underpin your skills in electricity supply engineering.

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Three reasons to choose QUTeX

Expert development and delivery

You need learning that is relevant and engaging, that’s why our courses are developed by QUT’s innovative academics and learning designers.

Learn today, use tomorrow

We use problem-based and blended learning so you can develop your expertise as you apply new concepts into your workplace context.

Constantly evolving and updating course options

We adapt to today’s industry expectations, harnessing QUT’s research and innovative experts so you can keep up and get ahead.

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