The Challenge

In 2019, QUTeX was tasked with the opportunity to co-design and develop a reinvigorated Next Generation program for the Department of Health.

The program was aimed at lifting the capability of future leaders to successfully perform in executive leadership roles, within the next three years.

It has always been important to develop leaders and to help set them up for success as they progress in their careers, however, with the challenges (and opportunities) that COVID-19 has brought with it, a spotlight has been shone on the importance of leadership development, particularly in the health sector.

In this new world of working, executive leaders need to have a greater understanding of emerging leadership requirements and be able to pivot faster than they have ever had before.

The Client

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The Department of Health provides health system leadership across the greater Queensland Health, the State’s largest healthcare provider and is responsible for managing the State’s public health system.

Though the healthcare sector has faced many challenges over the recent years, exacerbated by COVID-19, it is a health system that provides a wide range of services, performs well, and offers high-quality service.

The Department’s mission is to:

“…provide leadership and direction, and to work collaboratively to enable the health system to deliver quality services that are safe and responsive for Queenslanders.”

(Strategic Plan 2019-2023)

The Solution

The result of the collaboration was a refreshed program that incorporates a broad range of elements including:

  • Business, customer, and leadership-based workshops
  • Action Learning Group challenges.
  • 1-to-1 and group coaching
  • Leader lounges
  • Guest speakers

The opportunities to develop skills have been plentiful which has resulted in high levels of engagement and positive feedback.

With this exciting program, the Department of Health’s Next Generation of Leaders are better equipped to act on the mission statement and help cascade their learnings throughout the organisation.

The Impact

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with representatives from both Department of Health, as well as QUT Educators, to design and deliver a refreshed Next Generation Program. All parties involved are passionate about building the capabilities of these future leaders and ensuring that they are set up for success.”

Kelly Lorentz
QUTeX Partnership Manager

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