First published 19 August 2019

Where in the world haven’t QUT students been? In 2018, more than 100 law and justice students took the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture by participating in an overseas exchange.

QUT offers both short- and long-term exchange programs at more than 200 partner institutions in 43 countries across the world. Students are supported with generous bursaries and scholarships to help with their expenses, including Australian Government initiatives like the New Colombo Plan.

Exchange is not just an opportunity for students to travel, but also a chance to enhance their employability by improving their international knowledge, intercultural competence and adaptability.

Read on to hear what some of our students loved most about their exchange experiences.

Daniel McLindon, QUT Bachelor of Laws (Honours) / Bachelor of Business (Finance) student – Montreal, Canada

“I chose Montreal for my student exchange as I wanted to improve my French skills and experience living somewhere where I didn’t need sunglasses and sunscreen for the majority of the year. To this day, I definitely don’t regret it. HECMontreal, has an incredible exchange program which has made meeting new people and developing new friendships that span the globe almost too easy.”

Rebecca Holland, QUT Bachelor of Laws (Honours) / Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) – Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan

“Through my Japanese Law Elective (LLB349), I had the opportunity to attend the Ritsumeikan University Seminar Program in Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan. The two-week, intensive program introduced me to the Japanese legal system and provided a fantastic networking opportunity with law students across Australia and Japan.”

Heidi Lee, Bachelor of Laws (Honours) / Bachelor of Business - Vienna, Austria

"At the University of Vienna I studied legal philosophy (liberalism) and international law, and had the opportunity to learn from some of the most well-known scholars in Europe. I also had a great cultural experience - Vienna is a city of art, music and history!"

Kaveesha Samaraweera, Bachelor of Laws (Honours) / Bachelor of Business (Finance) - Bhutan

“I had the opportunity to travel to Bhutan under the Bhutan National Legal Institute Law Clubs program, funded by the Federal Government's New Colombo Plan. The purpose of the short-term placement was to work with both students and educators in Bhutanese communities, and design workshops around legal concepts which may be unfamiliar or challenging to them. It opened my eyes to the different perspectives and worldviews that others have.”

Kate O’Sullivan, Bachelor of Laws (Honours) / Bachelor of Business – Cardiff, Wales

“Studying in Cardiff allowed me to experience the unique Welsh culture and student life in one of the most affordable student cities in the UK all while being only a short bus ride away from London and other fabulous day trip destinations.”

Maddison Marriott, Bachelor of Justice / Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) – Bangkok, Thailand

“I had the opportunity to attend the University Scholars Leadership Symposium at the United Nations ESCAP. Over the week, 1000 delegates from 87 nations interacted with various NGOs within the UN, gaining insight into the importance of this humanitarian work. This experience opened my mind and heart, and unlocked my passion for global change.”

Learn more about QUT’s exchange opportunities on the Study Overseas and Law Faculty International Experience pages.

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