Why study STEM at QUT?

Discovering how to improve lives by solving a range of real-world problems will be crucial in the future. Many of the jobs of today were unheard of a decade ago: app developers, big data analysts and sustainability engineers.

STEM careers provide the greatest opportunities to succeed in the future.

No university is better placed to help you launch your STEM career than Queensland’s only university of technology.

Your STEM career starts here

Think about the future. What issues do we need to address, as a society, to ensure longevity? Climate change. Water scarcity. Food shortages. Species extinction. Affordable housing.  With a predicted 75 per cent of future occupations needing STEM literacy, it means that a skilled STEM workforce is central to addressing these complex issues now and into the future.


Understand and tackle the greatest challenges facing our world and its future.

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Health and medical science

Explore the exciting intersection of health and scientific innovation with our courses in biomedical sciences.

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Analyse, provide insight and solve complex problems for our economy, society and the environment.

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Information Technology

Use information and automation to make our lives more connected, secure and easier.

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Games & Interactive Environments

Develop interactive worlds that motivate consumers and grow business.

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Create practical solutions to technical problems – and make life safer and easier.

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Urban development

Plan, build and construct sustainable communities for the future.

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Architecture and design

Be inspired to create environments to positively affect human health, environmental quality and social relationships.

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Ready STEM Go!

The QUT YouTube show, Ready STEM Go! is back for 2021.

Tune in to hear from a great line-up of guest alumni from around the world, sharing their stories about the paths they’ve taken to get where they are in their STEM careers.  Hosted by current QUT STEM student, Mackenzi Oliver, new episodes are released every week to help you find your inspiration for a STEM career.

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Study at the heart of technology

You’ve got ideas that can help shape the world? Our courses will give you the tools, equipment and technology to bring your concepts to life.

We're Queensland’s only university of technology - future-focused and always exploring emerging disciplines and equipment. We'll help you push the boundaries of scientific development using cutting-edge facilities housed in our specialist precincts, labs and workspaces.

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We recognise the achievements and potential of our students, and encourage you to apply for our scholarships, bursaries and development programs. Scholarships offer both financial support and a wealth of invaluable experience. They can help shape and support your time at university. All you need to do is apply.

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Be part of it

Peer networks and support

A common misconception about university is that you have to do it ‘on your own’. You’ll be relieved to know that QUT offers many opportunities to get involved, make new friends, and receive proactive and timely support services to help you succeed.

Connect with your crew

Join a range of student-led projects and clubs—QUT Aerospace, QUT Construct, Girls in Engineering Making Statements, QUT Maths Society, QUT Motorsport, QUT Planning Student Association, Women in Science, and QUT Women in Technology are just some.

Oodgeroo Unit

The Oodgeroo Unit is QUT's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student success unit, providing admission pathways, dedicated study spaces, tutors, cultural support and scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

QUT foundry

Why wait until you graduate to create your business, social enterprise or side hustle? QUT foundry is the perfect place to meet fellow budding entrepreneurs and like-minded students from across the university interested in learning about and practising entrepreneurship. With events like Ideas Launched, mentors and experts for you to meet, and other learning opportunities and programs, QUT foundry is the hub for all things entrepreneurial.


6th April 2021

QUT awarded grants for renewable feedstock and viticulture research

QUT researchers will receive $628,447 in federal funding to investigate renewable feedstock, and to mitigate the impacts of bushfire smoke on wineries and vineyards.

19th April 2021

Bushfire Response Simulator Helps Defence With Asset Purchase Decision-Making

QUT researchers used bushfire response simulations as an unclassified surrogate for defence responses to develop a model that will help the Australian Defence Force (ADF) decide future weapons capability purchases under high levels of uncertainty.

31st March 2021

Carbon capture process produces hydrogen and construction materials

QUT scientists have developed a process to capture carbon dioxide from the air into water and store it as non-toxic calcium carbonate (chalk), a key ingredient for cement production and other products, all potentially powered by solar or wind energy.

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