Independent Learning Centre

The Independent Learning Centre (ILC) is a space where you can:

  • practise listening, writing, reading, grammar, and vocabulary
  • access multimedia learning tools
  • read newspapers, magazines, watch television, play board games to improve your language skills.

Small classes

Our class sizes are small, which means that you get more interaction with your teachers and other students, and a more personal learning experience.

Language laboratory

The language laboratory will be a part of your program in most English language courses. It is a space where you can practice all areas of your English language learning, including:

  • pronunciation
  • listening comprehension
  • error correction
  • pair or group dialogue
  • simulated real-life language use.

QUTIC computer laboratories

There are seven computer laboratories at QUTIC, and two are open 24 hours. QUTIC students can access the 24-hour laboratories using their QUT ID card.

Student dining

Our modern student dining space is available for all QUTIC students, and includes:

  • an outdoor dining setting
  • refrigerators
  • microwaves
  • hot water.

Student lounge

QUTIC students can relax in the student lounge during their lunch break and breaks between classes.