Career mentoring has run for over 25 years at QUT with a community of mentors from diverse industries, professions, locations and experience levels volunteering their time to help shape and support the professional development of QUT students. With the support of mentors from all disciplines, our students are given the opportunity to learn from industry professionals keen to share their experience to enrich the development of QUT students as they prepare for their career.

Why get involved?

Many mentors list their passion for helping others as a strong motivator for their involvement and find great reward in seeing students develop as a professional. Mentors help support and shape the next generation of graduates to achieve their professional goals, and this is reciprocal as mentors are given the opportunity to develop themselves further as leaders. If these are important to you, then you may be a brilliant fit as a mentor.

How to get involved

You can join our QUT career mentoring community by following the link below.

Join the QUT career mentoring community