This information is designed for QUT agents. Contact us if you require additional answers.

I have submitted the application for our student via QTAC. Do I need to resubmit in the StudyLink portal?

No. QTAC applications will be loaded into the portal.

My student is ready to accept, and would like to request a packaged offer, change course preference or add additional document, however the application is not in the portal yet.

You can email the relevant International Admission Team as per the current process and we will action it immediately.

I have submitted a paper application and would like to request deferral. Will the new deferred offer be on the portal or sent by email?

You will need to email us to request a deferral. We will process the deferral request in StudyLink and the revised offer letter will be in the portal.

What documents are required when submitting an application?

The following documents are required:

  • student's passport or national identity card
  • student visa and eCOEs if applicable
  • current and prior academic documents
  • English language tests if applicable

The application form will remind you if there are additional details for a particular applicant, for example, CV or portfolio etc.

I cannot find the package offer in the portal. What can I do?

You can indicate whether you would like QUT to consider pathway programs (Diploma, Foundation or English language) on the application form. You can select one of the searchable course packages. You can also request specific packaged offer by leaving a comment when submitting the student's application. You will find this comment section at the end of the application form.

How do I pay application fee?

Application fee payment is done through the portal just as you are about to submit the application. You will be redirected to the payment page. Once the payment is done, you will be returned to the student application to submit. For more information about making payment through the agent portal, you can view the understanding payments through the QUT Application Portal video.

How do I know if QUT has received our student’s application?

The application status will be 'Submitted' as soon as QUT receives the application. A good way to track the application is to monitor the application status change from 'Submitted' to 'Under assessment'.

Should we contact admissions via email or "Message" in the portal?

The best way to contact admissions is by using the 'Message' function in the portal. You can also contact us by 'replying' to QUT's Studylink email (eg where xxxxxxxx is the students Studylink application number).

How do I submit Request to Represent Student (CA) form?

You will need to submit this form by email as per the current process.

If my student needs a revised offer, do I need to submit a new application again?

No. You can request for a revised offer by sending us a message in the portal by 'replying' to QUT's Studylink email (eg where xxxxxxxx is the student's Studylink application number).

If the student has met all the conditions on their offer letter, will a revised offer be issued?

Yes. After we have checked the uploaded documents to meet the conditions and confirmed that the student have met all the conditions, we will reissue an unconditional offer which can be accepted in the portal.

Can I accept an offer on our student's behalf?

Yes. You can accept the offer letter in the portal on the student's behalf.

How do I pay after accepting our student’s offer in StudyLink?

After you accept the student's offer letter in the portal, you will be redirected to the payment page. For more information about making payment through the agent portal, you can view the understanding payments through the QUT Application Portal video.

Payment can be made through credit card or telegraphic transfer.

Payments with credit cards will be processed immediately and will update the application status in StudyLink which will alert us that payment is finalised.

For payments by funds transfer, you will be directed to Flywire to create an order. Please upload the proof of payment so that we can track arrival of funds. Please note that fund transfer payments will take longer to appear on the applicant’s record.

Do all research applicants have to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)?

Yes, every application for a research course must start with the completion of the EOI process.

What is the average processing time to expect an application outcome once the EOI is submitted?

The full end to end process usually takes between 6 and 8 weeks depending on the information provided.

Does a research applicant need to have a supervisor confirmed before submitting an EOI, or can the supervisor be confirmed after the EOI is lodged?

It is strongly recommended for the applicant to have already found a QUT supervisor prior to submitting an EOI.

Where can I find details about the supervisor appointment or additional documents for HDR applicants?

Please refer to our how to apply guide for details on finding a supervisor and research topic and supporting documents which must be submitted with the EOI.

Are students required to provide an English test result when submitting an EOI?

Applicants can submit their EOI without providing evidence of English proficiency. If the applicant is eligible for an offer, it would be conditional on meeting QUT's English proficiency requirements. Please note that there is a deadline to satisfy English proficiency requirements if the applicant wishes to be considered in QUT's Annual Scholarship Round.

More information

How do applicants indicate their interest for QUT Annual research scholarship round?

It can be indicated in the Financial Details section of the EOI.