QUT graduation ceremonies will comply with all Queensland Government COVID-19 requirements which apply on the day of your ceremony.

More details for students

Mid year ceremonies

Tuesday 26 July 10:00am

Faculty of Business and Law 1

All law programs

Tuesday 26 July 2:30pm

Faculty of Business and Law 2

Accounting, economics, finance, financial planning, property economics and Graduate School of Business programs

Tuesday 26 July 7:00pm

Faculty of Business and Law 3

Advertising, marketing, public relations, management, human resource management and international business programs

Wednesday 27 July 10:00am

Faculty of Health 1

All nursing programs (excluding doctoral students)

Wednesday 27 July 2:30pm

Faculty of Health 2

All other health programs

Wednesday 27 July 7:00pm

Faculty of CIESJ 1

Education and justice programs

Thursday 28 July 10:00am

Faculty of CIESJ 2

All other CIESJ programs

Thursday 28 July 2:30pm

Faculty of Engineering 1

Electrical, mechanical, mechatronics, medical, computer and systems, electrical and aerospace, chemical process and engineering management

Thursday 28 July 7:00pm

Faculty of Engineering 2

Civil engineering, architecture, urban development and project management programs

Friday 29 July 10:00am

Faculty of Science 1

All information technology programs (excluding doctoral students)

Friday 29 July 2:30pm

Faculty of Science 2

All other science programs

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