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STEM Teacher PD @ QUT - Physics Unit 4

9:00am - 4:00pm 19th November
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QUT Science and Engineering Centre (P Block), level 5

Physics Unit Four - The new stuff

This QUT Teacher Professional Development is designed to take you through the new content on Special Relativity, Standard Model and Particle Interactions from Queensland’s Physics QCAA Syllabus Unit 4. This hands on workshop will focus on content theory, links to current research and practical work that you can implement into your classroom to help your students understand the more abstract concepts from Revolutions in Modern Physics.

This full day workshop will cover -

  • The big picture ideas behind the Revolutions in Physics;
  • Links to prerequisite knowledge from Nuclear Physics;
  • Define, recall, describe and explain content from Special Relativity, Standard Model and Particle Interactions;
  • Apply knowledge to analyse and solve problems involving Special Relativity, Standard Model and Particle Interactions;
  • Explore ideas for claims that students may evaluate in the research investigation;
  • Investigate applications to astrophysics, GPS and CERN.


Event Details

Date: Tuesday 19 November 2019

Time: 9am - 4pm

Venue: QUT Science and Engineering Centre, level 5

Cost: $75 

Provided: Lunch, refreshments and certificate of professional development 

Level: Appropriate for QLD Year 10 to 12 Physics teachers and Science HODs

Registration: As limited places are available, this event is limited to Year 10 to 12 teachers of Physics and Science HODs who are currently teaching at schools in QLD and Northern NSW. 

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