Lifeline op shops go online to maintain services through pandemic

Australia’s more than 20,000 social enterprises make an enormous positive contribution to Australians’ lives.

Family connections shine through for Medibank CEO

Outgoing Medibank Private Limited Chief Executive Officer Craig Drummond may have been mentored by some of the best in the business, but he says his mother and father had the biggest impact on his career.

EU plans carbon price on imports from countries without emission reduction moves

Australia could find its EU exports subject to a carbon price by the middle of the year.

Pumice the key to solving seabird mass death mystery

Researchers have used the evidence of pumice from an underwater volcanic eruption to answer a long-standing mystery about a mass death of migrating seabirds.

Navigation app features pose a road safety threat: QUT CARRS-Q

Navigation apps may be a useful tool but features added to them that allow drivers to share information about speed camera locations and other forms of police enforcement are a road safety threat, according to researchers from QUT’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety–Queensland (CARRS-Q).

Algorithms and lasers tame chemical reactivity

Researchers have developed an algorithm for photochemistry, bringing the burgeoning field a step closer to the goal of using different colours of light like a switch to activate a range of different chemical reactions in one single material.