Pitch perfect opportunity for budding advertising gurus

Queensland high school students hoping for a career in advertising have a unique opportunity to experience university for a day as they pitch for a major, real-world client before a panel of industry judges at a QUT event in July.

QUT Giving Day raises $1.2 million

QUT’s 2021 Giving Day has raised more than $1.2 million, thanks to generous QUT alumni, staff and supporters who have backed a range of student scholarships, research projects, and education and community initiatives.

Bringing sexy back: What Australian men & women find attractive in a potential mate

When it comes to sexual attraction, women rate age, education, intelligence, income, trust, and emotion connection higher than men who put a greater priority on attractiveness and physical build says new research from QUT.

Virgin Australia CEO addresses QUT Business Leaders’ Forum

Australians will need to live with COVID-19 in the community in a way that protects the health and safety of our people but also opens Australia up to the rest of the world even though "some people may die", according to Virgin Australia CEO Jayne Hrdlicka.

Feeling good: Help change someone’s life – and the world – on QUT Giving Day

Brisbane nurse Stephanie Bellina knows first-hand the life-changing impact public generosity can have on someone’s life … and how supporters of this year’s QUT Giving Day on May 20 can make a difference to students’ education, as well as vital research and community programs.

Trust as a competitive tool to win over digital markets

Competing on trust is an emerging feature for brands vying to provide unique value for customers but the professionalisation of trust is in its infancy, according to new QUT research.