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Did COVID change our energy use patterns?

COVID has changed how many people's lives in profound ways. One aspect is how we work, study and use energy.This research project aims to answer two questions:Did energy use change for CBD, urban, suburbs and rural areas when we were experiencing lockdowns?If there were changes, how much has been changed and when the change happened, e.g time of a day, or day of a week?

Study level
Vacation research experience scheme
Faculty of Engineering
School of Architecture and Built Environment

Can executive compensation improve investment efficiency?

Since the last decade, there have been intense debates over whether executive compensation contracts are set optimally for interest alignment between management and shareholders. As Jensen and Murphy (2010) noted, the real problem of compensation is 'not how much you pay, but how'. While there is an agreement that performance-based pay can influence corporate investment decisions, the evidence is less clear on how and to what extent such a link is established. The real interest of this study is to …

Study level
Master of Philosophy
Faculty of Business and Law
School of Accountancy

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