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Building healthy esports communities

The number of competitive games has been increasing more than ever in recent years. Popularization of esports might have contributed to this surge with organized championship events and large audiences. A majority of esports games require cooperation with teammates while competing against another team. While competition is enjoyable to many players, it can also lead to negative behaviors, also known as toxic behaviors. In fact, many esports communities are known to be toxic, especially towards minorities.This project will:investigate current game …

Study level
PhD, Master of Philosophy, Honours
Science and Engineering Faculty
Lead unit
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Rhythm and Movement for Self-Regulation

Seeking a student to enrol in the PhD or Doctor of Education (EdD) degree in the Faculty of Education, to work as part of the Rhythm and Movement for Self-Regulation (RAMSR) team.The RAMSR team is lead by Dr Kate Williams and funded by the Australian Research Council. The RAMSR program is delivered by early childhood teachers in the preschool year with the specific aim of enhancing children’s attentional and emotional regulation, and executive functions. In this project, the research student …

Study level
Faculty of Education
Lead unit
School of Early Childhood

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