The QUT Centre for Robotics builds on a decade of investment at QUT in robotic research and translation which has been funded by QUT, Australian Research Council, Queensland Government, cooperative research centres and industry.

The centre:

  • is at the forefront of research and innovation in intelligent robotics
  • translates research into commercial and societal outcomes
  • leads education, training and development of talent to meet growing demands
  • provides leadership in technological policy development and societal debate.

Mission and priorities

Robotics is a transformative technology with potential applications across a range of industries including manufacturing, agriculture and construction.

World leading research

We undertake research into robotic perception, understanding, control and interaction.


We create prototype systems to demonstrate principles and evaluate in real-world scenarios.

Engage for impact

We engage with industry, government and society through translational robotics research, media and public forums.

Our research

More research

Research news

14 July

Training centre to focus on human-robot interaction

A multidisciplinary team of QUT researchers will lead a new Australian Research Council (ARC) Training Centre to develop robotics applications to combine the strengths of humans and robots in shared environments.

8 July

Students in hunt for ancient life on Mars

QUT students will soon be looking for early life in ancient Australian rocks to help guide the NASA Perseverance Rover in its mission to find ancient life on Mars.

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