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Laurianne Sitbon

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Faculty of Science,
School of Computer Science

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ARC Future Fellow
Faculty of Science,
School of Computer Science
Associate Professor
Faculty of Science,
School of Computer Science


Computer Human Interactions, Accessibility, Natural Language Processing, Semantic Processing, Information Retrieval, Intellectual Disability, Neurodiversity, Co-design, Communication Technologies, Assistive Technology


Other Information and Computing Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing, Library and Information Studies

Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


  • PhD
  • MSc (Other)
  • MScEng (Universite De Franche-Comte)

Professional memberships and associations

Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Special Interest Groups in Computer Human Interactions (SIGCHI) and in Accessible Computing (SIGACCESS).


Unit Design and re-design

  • 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 - Advanced Information Storage and Retrieval IFN647, in the Master of IT (IN20), 60 to 140 students, QUT
  • 2017, 2018 - Databases IFB130 (scaling up to 1,000 students, starting a Peer Program within the unit)
  • 2015, 2019  – Data Manipulation IFN509, transition unit (IN20 Master of IT curriculum, 40 students), QUT
  • 2014  – Databases IAB130 (new unit for the new IN01 BIT curriculum,  325 students), QUT
  • 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 – Search Engine Technology INB/INN344 (new unit, 10-45 students), QUT
  • 2013-2014 – Data Warehousing and Mining INB/INN343 (redesigned for collaborative learning spaces in 2014, 50-60 students), QUT
  • 2007 - Computational linguistics (new unit for the Master of IT, 30 students), University of Avignon

Project supervision

Engineering (Honours) projects (individual, bachelor of Software Engineering. Examples include:

  • 2021 - Designing a Pictorial Communication Web Application With People Who Have Intellectual Disabilities
  • 2020 - An investigation of IoT implementation into disability inclusion projects in rural Cambodia (with Engineers without Borders)
Masters by coursework projects (individual, master of IT). Examples include:

  • S2 2019 - Track how people with intellectual disability use visual browsing to access information
  • S2 2018 - Creative search by people with intellectual disability
  • S2 2017 - An interactive map-search application in a virtual reality setting
CELL Projects (interdisciplinary groups)

The Community Engaged Learning Lab has been established by LTU in 2012 as a framework to allow students from all faculties to engage in interdisciplinary projects that can benefit community partners, and thus operate in a service learning fashion. Examples include:

  • S2 2014: My Budget Buddy, Designing and prototyping a website to support people with intellectual disability when allocating their NDIS budget to support services (with  Endeavour Foundation)
  • S1 2014: Evaluating and improving a Virtual Learning Environment to facilitate remote lifestyle education for users with intellectual disabilities (with  Endeavour Foundation)
Capstone projects (groups, bachelor of IT). Examples include:

  • S2 2014: Mobile game to support young offenders. In partnership with iYouth Justice consortium. S2 2013: Information through technology for prisoners (see CELL projects) (with Queensland Corrective Services)
  • S2 2013: Web based document management system to manage disabled service users at Endeavour Foundation (with Endeavour Foundation)
  • S2 2013: Put yourself in the picture: a mobile application to help users with intellectual disabilities express what they want to achieve (with  Endeavour Foundation)


Selected publications

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Research projects


Current supervisions

  • Co-Designing Multimodal Communication Experiences with People with Intellectual Disability, Their Peers and Social Robots
    PhD, Principal Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Professor Bouchra Senadji
  • Socially Connecting Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Through Inclusive CoDesign of Tangible and Visual Technology.
    PhD, Associate Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Professor Margot Brereton
  • Co-designing engaging multimodal technologies with people with intellectual disability and their support networks
    PhD, Principal Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Professor Margot Brereton
  • A Framework for Effective Mutual Learning of Humans and Machines in Radiology
    PhD, Associate Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Professor Margot Brereton, Professor David Lovell, Professor Andrew Bradley
  • Co-Designing with Adults with Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disabilities to Enable Active Communication Technology Use
    PhD, Associate Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Professor Margot Brereton, Dr Bernd Ploderer
  • People with Intellectual Disability and Online Health Information: eLearning for Better Engagement
    PhD, Principal Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Dr Jinglan Zhang
  • Crafting and Connecting: Co-Designing Technologies with Older Adult Crafters to Promote Family Connections
    PhD, Associate Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Dr Bernd Ploderer, Professor Margot Brereton

Completed supervisions (Masters by Research)