The Centre for Healthcare Transformation brings together leading clinicians, health economists, statisticians and implementation scientists from a variety of fields, including nursing and other health sciences.

The centre provides an opportunity to strengthen collaborations for improving health outcomes research, thereby strengthening the efficiency and effectiveness of health services for the benefit of patients, their carers, the community more broadly, and health service providers.

Mission and priorities

Our vision is to transform healthcare for better lives.

Research impact

Deliver high quality, relevant research which has significant impact on health systems, services and outcomes.

Building expertise

Develop strong and effective working collaborations between our research teams to optimise the depth and breadth of disciplinary expertise within CHT.


Extend national and international partnerships and associations in health systems, services and outcomes research.

Indigenous Australians

Strengthen our Indigenous health research capacity to improve health systems, services and outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

What we do

The Centre for Healthcare Transformation is a multidisciplinary health services research centre.

We transform research evidence into practical insights to enable effective change for our health service partners, who seek trusted solutions to complex health system challenges.

We deliver better health practices and systems for better health outcomes, and provide relevant and evidence-informed real-world solutions.

Our research programs

Research news

16 May

Researchers fear career breaks risk future funding success

Fierce competition for medical research funding makes many researchers loath to disclose in grant applications their career disruptions, such as illness or childbirth, to explain research output gaps for fear of appearing ‘weak’ or unable to fulfil long-term research.

17 March

Providing culturally responsive palliative care to Australian Indigenous peoples

Australian entry-to-practice health professional students will be supported to develop the knowledge and skills needed to provide quality care, across various settings for Australian Indigenous peoples with life-limiting illness, and their families and communities.

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