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Explore the frontier of future enterprise with MIT Sloan and QUT

In this three-part webinar series, world-renowned experts in business, leadership, transformation and entrepreneurship examine current attributes, challenges and opportunities that are shaping the frontier of the future enterprise.

Join us as they share actionable practices and design principles that organisational leaders can apply today for decisive, strategic planning of their future enterprise.

Take the journey

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Previous webinars

The Ambitious Enterprise

'Vision is a final goal and ambition is a desire to get there. You should have one vision and thousands of ambitions.'

- Prof Michael Rosemann

In the first webinar of the series, James C. Rhee from MIT Sloan and Professor Michael Rosemann from QUT explored The Ambitious Enterprise. Our global experts shared insights on ways you can become an ambitious leader, including:

  1. Go beyond your comfort zone
  2. Treat ambition like a hypothesis
  3. Collaborate for a greater purpose
  4. Know your brand’s product
  5. Exercise kindness.

Watch the recording to learn more.

The Curious Enterprise

'The aimless exploration in business isn’t pointless… The more knowledge you have, the better you may be positioned in the future.'

- Prof Marek Kowalkiewicz

In the second webinar of the series, Stephen D. Eppinger from MIT Sloan and Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz from QUT discussed The Curious Enterprise. Discover how you can create a curious enterprise with insights from our global experts, including:

  1. A little bit of process goes a long way
  2. Ongoing reflection
  3. Embrace aimless exploration
  4. Curiosity is an attitude
  5. Move from knowing to asking.

Watch the recording to learn more.

The Decisive Enterprise

'Decisive enterprises can set new industry standards and influence market trends. To be successful, organisations and leaders need to get their hands dirty.'

- Karen Zheng

In the final webinar of the series, Karen Zheng from MIT Sloan and Professor Kevin Desouza from QUT discussed The Decisive Enterprise. Explore our experts' advice for building a decisive enterprise, including:

  1. Decisive leadership empowers teams
  2. Ask 'what could be next?'
  3. Reach beyond the boundaries
  4. Be evidence and data-driven
  5. Embrace collaboration

Watch the recording to learn more.

QUT students benefit from global collaboration

QUT Business School is collaborating with MIT Sloan School of Management to enhance local entrepreneurship and digital leadership for our MBA students, academic staff and entrepreneurial community.

Our collaboration with MIT Sloan

In 2019, MIT Sloan embarked on a collaboration with QUT Business School focused on an innovative immersion program for QUT MBA and EMBA students and enhancing QUT’s entrepreneurship program with access to MIT’s global entrepreneurial networks. Entrepreneurship and innovation are the cornerstone of our academic institutions, and MIT Sloan and QUT are committed to working together to support knowledge creation and knowledge sharing. To this end, we’re pleased to announce the launch of a new collaborative global webinar series, The Future Enterprise.

The collaboration is directed by MIT Sloan Global Programs, an international initiative offering programs, offices and strategic collaborations designed to expand and deepen MIT Sloan’s mission and impact around the world. Global Programs facilitates dynamic new methods of engagement between MIT faculty, students and alumni - as well as organisations, communities and innovators - to foster practical strategies and prepare principled leaders to tackle urgent global challenges.

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