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Visiting Fellow
Faculty of Health,
School of Public Health & Social Work
Kelvin Grove Q Block Membership
Institute of Health Biomedical Innovation (IHBI),
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public health, health promotion, settings based health promotion, school health, workplace health, qualitative research, phenomenography, participatory action research, indepth interviews, focus groups


Public Health and Health Services

Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


  • PhD (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Master of Health Science (Queensland University of Technology)

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COURSES: In S1, I coordinate two units, PUP038 Health Promotion 1: Paradigms and HLN703 Research Project in the Masters of Public Health. In S2, I coordinate the second year unit, PUB461: Qualitative Inquiry

in Public Health in the Bachelor of Public Health and again, the public health cohort enrolled in the postgraduate capstone unit, HLN703 Research Project.  SUPERVISION: As you can see below, I supervise a range of research degree students. Please contact me if you are thinking about Higher Degree by Research in health promotion, mixed methods or qualitative research. I am more than happy to chat about your project, how to enrol and support you in the scholarship application process. My email is m.sendall@qut.edu.au Vacation Research Experience Scholarship: I have supervised twelve (12) Vacation Research Experience Scholarship (VRES) students. Seven (7) of these students published a journal article. Master by Coursework: I have supervised thirteen (13) Master by Coursework students. Eight (8) of these students undertook a 24 credit point project and five (5) of these students undertook 48 credit point minor thesis (titles listed here). Six (6) of these students published a journal article.

  • Mothers and health promotion: Closing the gap for 100% measles immunization in North Vietnam.
  • Neuroscience nurses’ attitudes towards cognitively impaired acquired head injured patients.
  • Australian Women’s perceptions of enablers and barriers when instigating physical activity for better health outcomes:
  • Knowledge of the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine: A perspective from Australian women: A qualitative case study.
  • Exploring the role of workplace health promotion to improve physical activity and nutrition in bus drivers: A cross-sectional case study.

Masters by Research: I have supervised two (2) Masters by Research degree.

  • Is it too late by eight? Recognising the protective factors of culture, education and families in building resilient Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.
  • Dementia Friendly Communities: Exploring characteristics of community friendly environments for those with dementia.

Doctoral degrees: I have supervised or am supervising fourteen (14) professional and philosophy doctorates.

  • DHSc: Understanding the social cultural context of obesity and chronic disease in the rural and remote areas of Fiji Islands: An ecological psychological approach.
  • DHSc: Deciding to transfer resident to emergency department: A phenomenographic examination of decision making in residential aged care.
  • DEd: Investigating Australian university students’ experiences of critical reflective learning through e-Portfolio creation and curation: A phenomenographic study.
  • DCI: Adapting and integrating elements of best practice in dancer wellness in elite adolescent pre-professional dance programmes into private dance studio contexts.
  • PhD: What is the meaning of sport for young people from refugee backgrounds? An ethnographic case study of a state high school in Brisbane, Queensland*.
  • PhD: The application of Planned Behaviour Theory to understanding drinking behaviour among Vietnamese medical students^.
  • PhD: Help seeking behaviours of Bhutanese women subjected to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)^*.
  • PhD: Captain of my own ship: A phenomenological exploration of middle-class, white, male baby boomers’ experiences of ageing in contemporary Western society.
  • PhD: Hearing the voices of parents whose children have been in out-of-home care due to child protection concerns: Experiences with support services^.
  • PhD: The impact of nutrition labelling in reducing health inequities in obesity in Nepal.
  • PhD: Assessment of the influence of a digital storytelling programme on healthy lifestyle knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of overweight/obese adolescents and their parents in Sri Lanka^.
  • PhD: Understanding and addressing existing (social and economic) inequalities to reduce the rate of undernutrition among pregnant adolescent women in Nepal^.
  • PhD: Perceptions and knowledge of obesity among Saudi women^.
  • PhD: Health promotion approach to address the practice gaps of public health nutrition policies in Sri Lanka^.

^ Scholarship recipients.   * Nominated for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis.



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Current supervisions

  • Young people's and their parents' perceptions about healthy eating and physical activity habits in Sri Lanka: the influence of digital storytelling
    PhD, Principal Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Professor Neil King, Dr Kelli McGraw
  • Pregnancy during adolescence: Assessing the impact on nutritional status and understanding social and cultural influences in Nepal
    PhD, Principal Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Dr Smita Nambiar-Mann
  • Impact of Front-of-Pack Nutrition Labelling on Dietary Choices in Nepal
    PhD, Principal Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Dr Jenni Mays, Professor Katherine White