Professor Chris Drovandi

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Faculty of Science,
School of Mathematical Sciences

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ARC Future Fellow
Faculty of Science,
School of Mathematical Sciences
Faculty of Science,
School of Mathematical Sciences


Approximate Bayesian Computation, Markov chain Monte Carlo, Sequential Monte Carlo, Statistics



Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


  • PhD(Statistics) (Queensland University of Technology)
  • BAppSc(Statistics) (Queensland University of Technology)
  • BInfTech(SoftwareEng/DataComms) (Queensland University of Technology)

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Achievements in Teaching

  • 2021 Director of the AMSI Winter School on Statistical Data Science
  • 2017 AMSI Winter School lecturer by invitation (Queensland University of Technology)
  • 2015 AMSI Summer School lecturer by invitation (University of Newcastle)
  • Nominated for 2015 QUT Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Nominated for 2014 QUT Science and Engineering Faculty Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Research Supervision

Postgraduate Teaching

Advanced Stochastic Modelling

  • Multivariate distributions
  • Classical statistical inference
  • Bayesian statistical inference

Modern Statistical Computing

  • Monte Carlo Integration
  • Importance Sampling and Adaptive Importance Sampling
  • Markov chain Monte Carlo
  • Sequential Monte Carlo
  • Approximate Bayesian Computation

Undergraduate Teaching

Probability and Stochastic Modelling 2

  • Generating Functions
  • Transformation of Random Variables
  • Order Statistics
  • Markov Chains including Simple Random Walks and Branching Processes
  • Continuous Time Markov Chains
  • Brownian Motion

Probability and Stochastic Modelling 1

  • Probability
  • Univariate Discrete and Continuous Random Variables
  • Bivariate Discrete Distributions
  • Chi-square Goodness-of-fit
  • Markov Chains
  • Poisson Processes

Aspects of Computational Science

  • Random Number Generation
  • Rejection Sampling
  • Importance Sampling
  • Monte Carlo Integration

Generalised Linear Models

  • Normal regression
  • Poisson and binomial regression
  • Multinomial regression
  • log-linear models
  • R Programming

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