One of our goals is to enhance links to the community we serve and to the professions for which we train our graduates. Consequently, we maintain personal information relating to members of the community and the professions who are supporters of our teaching and research programs or who use our community services and facilities. Records containing personal information include:

  • database of QUT alumni, former staff, donors and other prospective donors
  • mailing lists for prospective students, members of the professions and users of other university facilities such as QUT Cultural Precinct
  • records of members of the community and the professions who serve on university and faculty committees
  • records of continuing professional education participants
  • patient records for clients of university clinics.

Records relating to our links to the community will be held in the organisational unit which has responsibility for maintaining and enhancing these links. For instance, records relating to alumni and donors are the responsibility of the Business Development Portfolio, and consequently, records are maintained there, both in physical and electronic formats. The relevant faculty or school will maintain clinic records and records of community members involved in the teaching and research programs of the faculty or school.

Access to records is granted to staff only as required to carry out their duties. In general, access will be limited to administrative and/or academic staff who are directly responsible for the administration of the function involved, and other senior staff in limited circumstances where required. However, as University clinics operate in conjunction with the teaching programs of the relevant faculty or school, access to patient records will also be granted to students under the supervision of qualified teaching staff and only for teaching and learning purposes.

We do not generally disclose records outside the university, though continuing professional education records may be disclosed to the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre where a participant seeks admission into a QUT award course.