Student sexual harassment

Respect and safety on campus for all students is imperative. There is no place for sexual harassment or assault, or any form of discrimination, in university life.

QUT, as part of a nation-wide effort, is actively engaged in preventing incidents; increasing reporting rates; and supporting students who make a disclosure or complaint. Our six-part action plan (PDF file, 2.2 MB) is being implemented across the university through a range of training, education, awareness campaigns and improvements to policies and procedures.

Training and education

To access our training resources, you must be either a current QUT student or staff member.

Student training

Respect and safety

A 30 minute online module, which addresses student rights and responsibilities; problem behaviours including sexual harassment; healthy relationships; alcohol; and safe bystander intervention.

Respect and safety training

MATE Bystander

A three-hour face-to-face training session which focuses on being an active bystander, intervening to prevent others from engaging in harmful or destructive behaviour.

MATE Bystander training

Staff training

Responding to disclosures

A face-to-face session for academic and professional staff enabling confidence in responding to, and referring student disclosures.

Disclosures, reports and complaints

Disclosures, reports or complaints about sexual harassment or assault can be made by phone or online. Trained QUT staff will provide confidential support, referrals and can advise of options in the complaint process.

Reporting at QUT

Members of the QUT community can disclose or report sexual harassment or assault via discrimination advisers at Equity Services. Discrimination advisers are trained and can provide free, confidential advice about what is involved in making a complaint and what support is available.

Our policy and procedures for discrimination-related grievances

Support and assistance

We support any member of our community who discloses or makes a complaint. Our staff will initially establish the immediate safety of the individual and then ensure they are supported. We may refer to support services both on and off campus, which include:

If your situation is urgent, always call 000 first.

Next steps

Our Student Sexual Harassment and Assault Working Party, established in 2017, involves relevant organisational areas of QUT and student groups. Implementation of our 2018–2020 QUT Action Plan: Student Sexual Harassment and Assault – Prevention, Reporting and Support (PDF file, 2.2 MB) is continuing.

Our policies and procedures relating to discrimination, sexual harassment and assault, conciliation and investigation procedures, and student and staff codes of conduct and disciplinary procedures are under review to ensure they are trauma-informed and reflect best practice.