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Research facility focused on value-adding Queensland resources

A QUT research and industry partnership that will build Queensland’s capacity in producing critical minerals for battery and renewable energy systems marked a milestone this week with construction underway on the $3 million Redlands Research Facility.

QUT space scientist is 2021 Queensland Tall Poppy

Dr David Flannery has been announced as 2021 Queensland Tall Poppy for his work exploring life on Mars.

Anti-coagulant drug could treat COVID-19’s emerging variants

Molecules from the same family as the anti-coagulant drug heparin may interfere with the ability of the COVID-19 virus’s spikes to bind to human cells. This could be used to treat people with severe effects of the virus and any emerging variants.

QUT researchers awarded Australian Laureate Fellowships

A project inspired by nature and robotics to give Australia greater GPS satellite autonomy, and another examining the impact of polarisation across online environments have earnt each of the QUT lead researchers a prestigious Australian Laureate Fellowship.

QUT students show the real world starts here

Creative industries and business student and aspiring actor Sarah Hesse is one of more than 50 real university students who feature in the new QUT television commercial that has just been unveiled.

Anti-androgen therapy may fuel spread of bone tumours in advanced prostate cancer

Anti-androgen therapy is commonly used to treat patients with advanced prostate cancer at stages where the disease has spread to the bones.