First published 8 April 2021

A much larger cohort of future teachers are now studying at QUT.

The number of commencing Education students across undergraduate and postgraduate courses has increased by 43.6% from semester one in 2020.

Demand has increased in both single and double degrees including newly launched vertical double degrees that allow students a unique opportunity to gain qualifications in science and mathematics, before progressing onto a postgraduate teaching qualification.

Meanwhile, many launching into a new career have found the Master of Teaching course very popular, with this year’s cohort growing by 49.3%.

Executive Dean of the Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice, Professor Lori Lockyer.
Executive Dean of the Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice, Professor Lori Lockyer.

Newly appointed Executive Dean of the Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice, Professor Lori Lockyer, said she was looking forward to seeing how this cohort makes a difference by teaching generations to come.

“I’m excited to see so many students from a diverse range of backgrounds begin their journey to teaching, and how they will apply their knowledge and passion in the classroom,” she said.

First-year Bachelor of Secondary Education student Kylie Vecchio recently made the move from far north Queensland to join her sister, who is in her fourth year studying the same course.

“I knew QUT was always great for education,” she said.

“The support of the tutors has definitely helped make my course more enjoyable so far. It is also interesting to start learning the foundations of teaching, and begin exploring what makes a passionate and successful educator.”

Kylie has had a passion for teaching from a young age and a desire to motivate and encourage young minds. But she revealed it was her year 12 chemistry teacher who inspired her to follow through with her ambition.

“As my high school chemistry teacher was extremely passionate and helpful, I was inspired to do the same,” she said.

“She had a big impact on me wanting to be a teacher.

“I really was striving to do well in chemistry and now I really want to teach chemistry as well.”

Kylie benefited from experiencing QUT’s world-class facilities two years ago when she visited for the QUT STEM Camp.

“I got to have a look around the campus a bit and I knew this was somewhere I wanted to be,” she said.

“The Kelvin Grove campus has amazing facilities both inside and out of the classroom.”

Kylie was one of many students who finished their secondary education during a tumultuous year of adapting to online learning. But it was something she took in her stride.

“It was good to get an experience of all the different aspects of learning online. I definitely learnt a lot from it. It’s helpful, especially now. It’s part of the norm, really,” she said.

While Kylie has started her journey to become a teacher just after finishing high school, commencing Master of Teaching (Secondary) student Aaron Connolly has left his 13-year career as an occupational health physiotherapist to pave the way for a new career.

“I have felt for a long time that I would end up teaching before I retired,” he said.

“I am inspired by the chance to help guide and develop the next generations.”

Master of Teaching (Secondary) student Aaron Connolly
Aaron Connolly is changing his career as a physiotherapist to study a Master of Teaching (Secondary) at QUT.

Aaron said he enjoyed the flexibility the course offered, as well as having glowing endorsements from those around him.

“I also have extended family who teach and their feedback was that QUT students were best prepared for their placements,” he said.

Learning in a modern and accessible environment with welcoming and supportive staff have also been highlights for Aaron so far.

“The support from all the services on campus have been mind-blowing. From HiQ to the Library and even the student success group,” he said.  

“So far, all the lecturers that I have met have been very positive about the career and created a very welcoming and warm teaching environment.”

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