Women with intellectual or cognitive disability face extra online risks

Technology can be weaponised against women with cognitive or intellectual disabilities, with harassment, image-based abuse, monitoring and co-option of devices including the Internet of Things, a study for The eSafety Commissioner has found.

Double your chances: Entrepreneurs back scholarships for QUT students

Are you a Year 12 student destined for life as an entrepreneur? QUT is doubling its number of Budding Entrepreneur Scholarships on offer for 2022, thanks to a group of Queensland entrepreneurs and companies who are backing the next generation of talent.

Voluntary Assisted Dying policy briefing distils 20 years of research

As Queensland and NSW politicians prepare to consider new voluntary assisting dying (VAD) laws, Professors Ben White and Lindy Willmott from QUT’s Australian Centre for Health Law Research have released a policy briefing summarising their VAD research undertaken over the past 20 years.

Satellite data of air pollutant best predictor of when to ease COVID lockdowns

A global team of air quality scientists has discovered that real-time satellite observations of the amount of the air pollutant, nitrogen dioxide, during COVID-19 lockdowns better predicts when restrictions should be lifted to ensure that COVID cases continue to reduce, rather than see a resurgence

QUT students show the real world starts here

Creative industries and business student and aspiring actor Sarah Hesse is one of more than 50 real university students who feature in the new QUT television commercial that has just been unveiled.

Natural justice: first in-depth study of Torres Strait region

High social capital, strong communities and an age-old community-based system of justice mark the unique features of how people in the Torres Strait region have traditionally and continue to deal with crimes and misdemeanours.