The Fashion Show – here to stay but ever evolving in performance and space

When Dolce & Gabbana sent drones carrying handbags down a Milan runway in 2018 reviews were mixed but the move was largely seen as a fusion of tech and the fashion industries.

Can what cyclists wear make them look ‘less human’?

A Brisbane urban planner who wants to encourage more cycling around the city has launched a survey asking people if they think different types of attire can make cyclists seem “less human”.

HD maps driving Australia’s autonomous vehicle goals

High Definition (HD) map creation could be Australia’s chance to lead a core aspect of the autonomous vehicle technology space, and government-industry collaboration can make it happen according to a QUT robotics expert.

Bushfire Response Simulator Helps Defence With Asset Purchase Decision-Making

QUT researchers used bushfire response simulations as an unclassified surrogate for defence responses to develop a model that will help the Australian Defence Force (ADF) decide future weapons capability purchases under high levels of uncertainty.

Pumice the key to solving seabird mass death mystery

Researchers have used the evidence of pumice from an underwater volcanic eruption to answer a long-standing mystery about a mass death of migrating seabirds.

Navigation app features pose a road safety threat: QUT CARRS-Q

Navigation apps may be a useful tool but features added to them that allow drivers to share information about speed camera locations and other forms of police enforcement are a road safety threat, according to researchers from QUT’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety–Queensland (CARRS-Q).