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25 September, 2020

What about the humans?

When you take our people out of the grocery store customer journey, what impacts does it have on customer?

Marketing Innovation and technology

7 September, 2020

AI-enabled analysis of entrepreneurial language on Twitter reveals entrepreneurial hotspots

Can Twitter inform us where entrepreneurship flourishes and the connection between entrepreneurship hot spots and region economic viability?


28 July, 2020

Yes Ita, younger workers might actually be less resilient. But all workers should be thanked

Are younger people really less resilient at work? Or is this simply an example of older people holding negative stereotypes about younger people?

Organisational behaviour

24 July, 2020

COVID-19’s economic impact could be stressing out our kids

The effects of economic stress on children are big. Parents' anxiety about their financial situation is equivalent to the effect of a divorce, and is likely at play amid COVID-19.


24 July, 2020

Creating a positive business solution out of personal hardship

When Mark and Julie Wallace were looking for professional support after their daughter was a victim in the 2017 London Bridge terror attack, they found there is no one size fits all approach.

Leadership and management Strategy MBA

21 July, 2020

The interchangeable office of 2020: Working from home and returning to work arrangements

With the rise of employees and employers looking to embed regular work from home arrangements once they’re able to return to the office, what are the positives and negatives?

Organisational behaviour