Translating research to real outcomes

The Centre for Children’s Health Research (CCHR) is Queensland's first fully integrated research facility focused on child and adolescent health research and services. Our research aims to understand, prevent, diagnose and treat key child health issues.

It is located adjacent to the Queensland Children’s Hospital, with child-friendly areas for clinical trials and investigation. Our researchers collaborate closely with clinicians and health professionals at the hospital, meaning research is relevant to patient needs and that research outcomes can be quickly adopted.

Research partners

The CCHR is a collaborative research centre, bringing together expertise and capacity from Queensland Health, Children’s Health Queensland, QUT, the University of Queensland and the Translational Research Institute.

The Centre fosters an environment of collaboration and cooperation between all partners, increasing productivity and output while reducing costs and competition.

Research areas

We conduct research in 9 areas.

Biomechanics and spine

A multi-disciplinary research group that conducts high quality research into paediatric spinal deformity and other spine conditions.

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Cough, airways and asthma

A specialist team of scientists, nurses and doctors exploring the aetiology, progression, specific infections and optimum treatment of acute and chronic cough.

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Children's burns and trauma

We're striving to improve outcomes for children with burn injuries.

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Child and reproductive health

We're seeking to improve the health of children, as well as advance understanding of reproductive health.

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Paediatric exercise and nutrition

We're working to improve the future of Australia's health by supporting healthy lifestyle behaviours amongst children and families.

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Palliative and supportive care

We aim to provide national leadership in research initiatives that support paediatric palliative and supportive care across Australia.

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Addiction and e-psychology

This research group studies e-psychology, addiction and imagery-based motivational interventions.

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Childhood adversity

We're conducting research that analyses the nature and prevalence of childhood adversities.

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Childhood nutrition

QUT is a collaborative partner in Woolworths Centre for Childhood Nutrition Research, which conducts research that helps Queensland children to live healthier lives through better food and nutrition.

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More information

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