The aims of the Centre for Genomics and Personalised Health are to translate knowledge from genomics research to improve human health, by discovering better methods of diagnosing disease, developing targeted treatments based on genetics, and training the next generation of translational genomics scientists.

Our research spans the design, development, and application of methods for genomic discovery, analysis and translation to advance genomics-driven healthcare and drive outcomes in the real world of clinical and personalised health.

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Mission and priorities

The centre will use genomic information to develop better ways to diagnose, prevent, or treat disease and improve health outcomes from genomics-driven discovery.

Driving genomic discovery and translation for better human health

We will do high-quality research into ageing, health and disease.

Building capacity for genomic discovery and translation

We will develop training and research opportunities to create career development pathways  for the next generation of genomic scientists.


We will consult with industry and the broader community to promote the application of genomics development to improve health outcomes.

Fostering innovation to make an impact

We will develop and apply experimental, biological, and statistical models to gain insight into the pathophysiology of disease and translate these findings into applications for personalised health to develop better diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic strategies.

Our research

Our research areas are:

  • genomic epidemiology and analysis
  • diagnostics and functional genomics
  • genomic instability and disease
  • translational and pharmacogenomics
  • personalised therapies.

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