Centre for Future Enterprise (CFE) leads global research to progress economic and social well-being now and into the future.

With a broad definition of enterprise, from start-ups to ASX listed companies, governments to non-profits, our research brings together world-leading academics with CEOs, founders, policy makers and industry leaders, to help current and future leaders navigate a fast-emerging new world and to differentiate requirements from distracting noise.

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Innovation Central Brisbane

Innovation Central Brisbane (ICB) is a university-industry research collaboration hub and open innovation ecosystem, based at QUT’s Gardens Point campus in the Brisbane CBD.

A partnership between QUT and Cisco, ICB connects industry with students, academic experts and world-class Cisco engineers to design, prototype and commercialise technology solutions to address real-world challenges and advance digital transformation.

Research programs include, but are not exclusive to: trust management, digital transformation, trusted retail and logistics, supply chains and artificial intelligence in government.

ICB is a living lab that connects you to state of the art technology facilities and an inspired community of students, researchers, global industry partners, household brand names, government and entrepreneurial leaders.

We are the only Queensland university, and one of five nationally to join Cisco’s global network of innovation centres located in Brazil, Canada, France, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Spain and the USA. Our Australian partners include the University of New South Wales, Curtin University, La Trobe University and Flinders University.

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Industry members gain essential services to bring their ideas, concepts and innovations to life.

As an ICB member you will be able to build a talent pipeline, conduct short-term research with quick ROI, join a global network of innovators, access QUT’s collaborative platform, build and test prototypes, and advance research commercialisation.

Students can expect to gain real-world industry experience, new relevant digital skills, access to a global network and paid work opportunities.

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Research themes

CFE's research is clustered in four themes, each exploring key attributes and the inter-relationships between them. Directed by a Theme Leader, three of the themes are institutionalised as their own research centres.

Entrepreneurial Enterprise

Led by Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship; investigating start-ups, founders and entrepreneurship to identify new capabilities, capitalise on an opportunity-rich environment, and revise mindsets.

Digital Enterprise

Led by Centre for the Digital Economy, digitisation in the form of sophisticated automation (e.g. AI, robotic workflows) and the design of entire new services, products and business models has become a key source of competitive advantage. Therefore, future enterprises will require the highest levels of digital maturity and literacy.

Social-purpose Enterprise

Led by Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies: Sustainability and non-monetary objectives are increasingly determining the strategic direction of enterprises, but the related body of knowledge is far less developed than the dominating for-profit approaches. Nonprofit organisations, philanthropic foundations and social enterprises will equally have to boost their capabilities to deliver to their promise in a connected, global world.

Robust Enterprise

Fast-paced economic, political, regulatory, social, ecological and demographic developments are creating a plethora of threats which require new levels of robustness to prevent disruptive threats. This will include the emergence of entire new sub-management disciplines such as innovation management or trust management.

Our projects

Centre for Future Enterprise has a contemporary cross-disciplinary and thematic approach with research projects spanning two or more CFE themes.

Currently priority research topics include, but are not limited to:

  • trusted Innovation in the Retail Sector
  • entrepreneurial cultures in social-purpose organisations
  • entrepreneurial organisations: How to foster intrapreneurship and partnership models with start-ups
  • digital innovation and transformation: How can incumbents take advantage of affordances from digital innovation and navigate their digital transformation trajectories
  • organisational resilience in the face of disruptive forces: How can organisations build robustness capacity
  • nonprofit/social enterprise/philanthropy: Creating and navigating futures in digital economy
  • digital accountability in social-purpose enterprises
  • the management of trust: How can digital technologies and social-purpose design principles improve trust positions.

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