First published 8 December 2020

The LABS is a snapshot of research from QUT’s Centre for Materials Science, Centre for Data Science and Centre for Robotics.

Download The Labs 2020 (PDF file, 17.9MB)

The LABS 2020

The LABS 2020

In a changing world, we can be sure of our excellence.

Open The LABS and meet some of the people changing our world for the better with a behind-the-scenes snapshot of discovery and innovation like:

  • better reef monitoring
  • optimising the Australian swimming team
  • diamonds powering future electronics
  • light tweezers moving molecules
  • truly biodegradable plastic
  • army vehicles that behave like teammates
  • UAV vision-based detection
  • robotic navigation and wayfinding.

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    About our research

    QUT is focused on technology and innovation that will enable our society and economy to progress.

    Research centres showcased in The LABS 2020 represent three areas identified as priorities for our country and the world.

    In each of these areas, we're continuing to build on the strength and experience of our experts.

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