29th October 2013

Are you sick of sitting in front of your computer passively sharing your opinions through social networks? Do you want the opportunity to actively contribute to real world research to understand and prevent serious injuries and injury deaths, particularly related to road trauma?

Then why not take part in QUT Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety research.

To bolster the ranks of its research participant pool, QUT's Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety - Queensland (CARRS-Q) has put out the call for new members to join its Independent Survey Panel in Road Safety (InSPiRS).

Dr Kirsten Vallmuur, from CARRS-Q, said the panel was made up of Queenslanders who wanted to contribute to important road safety and injury prevention research.

"CARRS-Q undertakes vital research that aims to prevent death and injury with a major focus on road safety," she said.

"For example we are undertaking research looking at younger drivers, speeding, bicycle safety and drink driving as well as child and youth injury prevention.

"But many of our research projects require people to share their opinions and knowledge by participating in surveys, focus groups and even testing their abilities using our advanced driving simulator."

Dr Vallmuur said the panel was a chance for people to have a say, assist with important research and contribute to the development of injury prevention strategies.

"From a research perspective, if we can increase the cross section of participants on our panel, we can broaden the range of views we receive and therefore we will be making a more valuable contribution to improving road safety and injury prevention," she said.

Dr Vallmuur said volunteering to be on the panel did not mean participants had to take part in every research project.

"We don't want people to suffer participation fatigue. We really value their contribution, so we will only contact members up to six times a year to invite participation in different studies, and saying no is not a problem."

CARRS-Q is hoping to widen its demographic to incorporate a greater number of younger people and parents.

Anyone interested in being part of the Independent Survey Panel in Road Safety (InSPiRS) should visit www.carrsq.qut.edu.au/inspirs.jsp

Current CARRS-Q research projects:
Child restraints in vehicles survey
Mothers' Sleep in the Postpartum Period: Effects on safety-sensitive tasks
Sleep in Senior Couples and Sleep in Carers

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