15th December 2008

Ubiquitous computing and its uses to support environmental sustainability is the topic of a public talk by visiting University of California at Irvine Professor Paul Dourish, sponsored by the QUT Urban Informatics research group and the Australasian Centre for Interaction Design tomorrow, Tuesday, December 16.

Ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) can involve the use of minute wireless devices embedded in everyday objects and the environment that "talk" to each other.

Professor Dourish is a pioneer researcher in informatics and ubicomp. His talk is drawing on ecological politics and the political economy of environmentalism to rethink the relationship between human-computer interaction and environmental sustainability.

Dr Marcus Foth, from QUT's Creative Industries Faculty, who has been working with Professor Dourish, said that environmental data and educational information may not trigger sufficient motivation to get people to change their habits towards a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

"Professor Dourish and our research team here at QUT are interested how to go beyond just informing and into motivating and encouraging action and change beyond the limits of individual lifestyle choices," Dr Foth said.

"We design and develop pervasive computing and real-time information systems that can strengthen our position to meet the targets of the Kyoto protocol and ensure the sustainability of a low-carbon future for Australia."

Professor Dourish's talk will suggest some new directions for the relationship between sustainability and human-computer interaction.

His talk, Persuasive Technologies, Ecotopian Agendas, and the Morality of Consumption: Rethinking the Relationship between Human-Computer Interaction and Environmental Sustainability, will be delivered at The Hall (Z2-226), at the Creative Industries Precinct, 10 Musk Ave at QUT's Kelvin Grove campus from 12noon to 2pm.

For information on the event phone Rosie Hill on 07 3337 7830.

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