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News - Qld Labor will regret bringing full distribution preferential voting back

13th February 2017

The decision to revert to non-optional, full distribution preferential voting in April last year is likely to be being regretted by the Queensland Labor Government, QUT politics expert Professor Clive Bean says.

“Full distribution preferential voting would benefit Labor when the Greens are doing well but with One Nation growing in popularity it is likely to put the LNP ahead,” Professor Bean said.

“Labor will be regretting the decision, but repealing the legislation would be viewed with great cynicism and not benefit Labor.

“The Labor Government brought Queensland back in line with the Federal system’s full distribution preferencing  in a swift move that was heavily derided at the time as a play for political advantage.

“But the very people who opposed the reintroduction of full distribution preferential voting (ie, the Opposition) would be all for it now.”

Professor Bean said Labor should be shoring up its own support and hope the current surge in One Nation is a bubble.

“That’s why so much attention is being paid to rural and regional areas since the start of the year.

“I suspect there will be various announcements about helping hand measures to try and boost the economy with jobs in rural and regional areas.”

Professor Bean said the flagging of trading hours changes could be part of the project to boost job growth.

“They must have done their research and found if they loosen some restrictions it may benefit smaller businesses in the regions who would then employ more people,” he said.

“Mining has pros and cons – the Adani mine is fraught – it might bring jobs but it is taking wealth out of the country and the state and there are issues about legality and propriety.

“The minor parties tend to be against foreign investment. For parties like the Katter Party, as well as One Nation, the message is ‘foreigners are coming in and taking over our country’ which resonates in many areas.”

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