4th December 2019

QUT projects and researchers have received a total of $9.4 million in the latest rounds of Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Projects and National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding.

Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan announced the 2020 round ARC Discovery Project grants, with 18 QUT projects and researchers awarded  $7.7 million, and Federal Minister for Health Greg Hunt announced the NHMRC funding, with QUT receiving more than $1.7 million.  

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research and Innovation) Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik said the range of grants highlighted QUT’s wide range of research strengths and the high-quality, real word research conducted here.

"These grants are a great outcome for QUT and show how our researchers are addressing the key issues facing our society,” Professor Barner-Kowollik said.

The QUT projects to receive Discovery Project funding include an empirical study of fake news and how to deal with it, how to improve the use of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles in search and rescue inside collapsed buildings or mines, addressing inactivity in pre-school children, and the impact of wind and bushfire on steel roof and wall systems.

The ARC Discovery Projects and lead researchers are:

Professor Thea Blackler
Professor Thea Blackler

Professor Thea Blackler (Creative Industries): $630,000 - Framing and Enabling Children’s Active Play using Novel Technology

Professor Greig de Zubicaray (Health): $526,690 - How the brain produces speech: Neuronal oscillations to neuromodulation

Dr Alessandro Soro (Science and Engineering): $509,000 - Augmented Sociality: Enabling a Socialised Experience of Augmented Reality

Professor Margot Brereton (Science and Engineering): $506,000 - Human-Machine Teaming: Designing synergistic learning of humans and machines

Professor Matthew Simpson (Science and Engineering): $495,000 - Mathematical models of 4D multicellular spheroids

Professor Huai-Yong Zhu (Science and Engineering): $446,000 - Optimising catalyst performance by tuning adsorption with light

Clinton Fookes
Professor Clinton Fookes

Professor Clinton Fookes (Science and Engineering): $440,000 - Unlocking Mass Mobile Video Analytics with Advanced Neural Memory Networks

Professor Axel Bruns (Creative Industries):  $431,000 - Evaluating the Challenge of ‘Fake News’ and Other Malinformation

Professor Zhiyong Li (Science and Engineering): $420,000 - Mathematical Modelling of the Mechanobiology of Arterial Plaque Growth

Professor David Thambiratnam (Science and Engineering): $415,000 - Mitigating Vehicular Crashes into Masonry Buildings

Professor Yuantong Gu (Science and Engineering): $410,000 - A Novel Multilevel Modelling Framework to Design Diamond Nanothread Bundles

Associate Professor Christopher Drovandi (Science and Engineering): $390,000 - Advances in Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Complex Bayesian Models

Associate Professor Yi-Chin Toh (Science and Engineering): $390,000 - A Micro-Physiological System to Mimic Human Microbiome-Organ Interactions

Associate Professor Daniel Angus (Creative Industries): $382,000 - Using machine vision to explore Instagram’s everyday promotional cultures

Associate Professor Ziqi Sun
Associate Professor Ziqi Sun

Associate Professor Felipe Gonzalez (Science and Engineering): $360,000 - When every second counts: Multi-drone navigation in GPS-denied environments

Associate Professor James McGree (Science and Engineering): $360,000 - Precision ecology: the modern era of designed experiments in plant ecology

Associate Professor Ziqi Sun (Science and Engineering): $330,000 - 2D heterostructures with ultrafast interlayer transport for energy devices

Professor Mahen Mahendran (Science and Engineering): $227,000 - Light steel roof and wall systems under combined wind and bushfire actions

The NHMRC grant projects and lead researchers are:

Professor Robin Drogemuller (Science and Engineering): $1,156,152 - An Inter-generational Learning and Living Campus: A New Model for Healthy Senior Living and Integrated School Communities across Urban and Regional Australia

Dr Leisa-Maree Toms (Health): $415,316 - Human biomonitoring of PFAS: assessing reliability and validity

Dr Rahul Thomas was awarded a PhD scholarship ($130,523) to study improving the knowledge and utility of flexible bronchoscopy in children, and QUT was awarded an equipment grant of $36,621.

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