14 March 2018

This presentation will discuss the premise that transparency is coming to the food chain and in some form or another underpins most of the technological offerings and opportunities we have today. 


The interest surrounding agri-food is intense. The AgTech sector is pumping, and everyone from policy makers to producers to everyday consumers is talking about food, where it comes from and the opportunities that new technologies present. As governments rush to invest into the future of research and innovation, whatever that may look like or be, it is worth considering the current state of play. What do we have? What is the opportunity? And what do we need to do get there? There is no doubt that the flurry of activity has led to hype, which is generated from the proposed intersection of contemporary technology and technology start-ups with one of our oldest industries in agri-food. Whether it be precision agriculture, connectivity or blockchain, we need to consider if this technology is finding a problem or if it can be developed or modified to deliver a real solution.

Transparency will not be negotiable, and stakeholders must be proactive in ‘turning the lights on’ in order to maintain the confidence of consumers and build trust. It is not a matter of only determining where your food comes from, but understanding how it may have been produced, processed and distributed. Leaving this task to those external to your supply chain could be catastrophic. Although this presentation will take a global perspective, with a focus on consumers, the supply and agri-food value chain, it will also explore the opportunities that are presented for Australia and its food producers. 


Cameron Scadding is a Forensic and Analytical Chemist by training, an expert in his discipline with extensive complex investigation experience. He has specific experience and possesses expertise in supply chain security and managing supply chain risks. With his extensive executive experience, Cameron is a sought after consultant and an experienced and respected business leader, with skills in packaging complex scientific approaches and technologies for broad application in the market (commercialisation). Cameron is a founder and the CEO of TSW Analytical Pty Ltd, a Perth based scientific investigation service and technology company that has been operating since 2006. He also serves as a Director of TSW Global. Cameron has previously held senior research positions in both academia and the private sector.


14 March 2018 - 14 March 2018
10.30am - 11.30am
QUT Gardens Point
Lecture Theatre C-405, Level 4, C Block
QUT Institute for Future Environments
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