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Preparation key in securing vacation clerkships

7th March 2016

The QUT Faculty of Law's Careers and Employment Advisor, Ms Lee Moy, has developed a program to assist law students with the transition from law student to law firm graduate. 

Lee has worked in the legal industry for over 20 years, and has spent the last 10 years in a senior human resources role in a national top-tier firm. Lee brings an in-depth understanding of the legal industry to the QUT Faculty of Law and understands the skills and abilities necessary for students to transition into a successful legal career.

Lee works closely with Brisbane law firms in relation to their student engagement and attraction strategies as well as remaining informed about job opportunities, skill requirements and individual firm recruitment processes.

Over the past few weeks, Lee has conducted a number of presentations for students where she has shared information about the processes involved in applying for vacation clerkships and internship programs, while simultaneously sharing valuable tips on how to best prepare.

These skills are critical for students in order to secure their dream role in corporate and commercial law firms.

Lee’s first ‘everything you need to know’ session proved very successful, with more than 180 students in attendance.

“The session was extremely informative and interesting. It helped me grasp the importance of attaining a clerkship, as well as the positive consequences it can have on my career in the legal field,” said Brandon Barrio, a second year Law student.

The practical and interactive nature of Lee’s presentations has also been praised by attendees.

“The sessions were so practical. They outlined exactly what you had to do and by when - they were definitely worth attending,” said Law student, Trent Playford.

Further sessions included 'writing an effective cover letter and resume,' and tips on how to present your best professional self at an interview.

These sessions focused on specific qualities that firms look for in their applicants. Lee was a reliable mentor in this regard given her previous role in hiring students in a top-tier firm.

To complement this, Lee continues to interact with Firms with regard to their talent pipelines to ensure that QUT students are kept up to date about new and upcoming events, information and programs that can maximise opportunities and their employment potential.

In her sessions, Lee also revealed that employers may spend only six to eight seconds looking at a resume and that it is therefore important to stand out.

To help with this, resume clinics were on offer, where students were encouraged to update their resumes with what they had learnt from each information session, before meeting with Lee to have it checked over.

Penultimate and pre-penultimate QUT students were encouraged to make the most of this opportunity, as the skills discussed proved vitally useful to students given the competitive nature of graduate positions.  

Lee plans to hold more workshops in the near future in order to adequately assist and prepare students who were successful in receiving an interview for a position.

Law firms are encouraged to contact Lee if they have any queries or need advice regarding recruitment processes, talent pipelines or student engagement opportunities.

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