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29th May 2020

Celebrating high-achieving law and justice students

Each year, the Faculty of Law acknowledges its top performing students from the School of Justice and School of Law.

27th May 2020

Natural capital must be counted in post-COVID economics

Recovery from the global economic havoc the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked could be the most appropriate time to spur the inclusion of natural assets, such as unique ecosystems, in a revision of the methods used in the System of National Accounts (SNA), says Dr Felicity Deane from QUT Faculty of Law.

22nd May 2020

A new normal: The shift to online learning for Law and Justice students

Now the new normal, the transition to online learning for the Faculty of Law didn’t happen overnight. Peter Black, Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching, has been at the forefront of the planning process, ensuring that both students and staff are equipped to handle and cope with the rapid changes.

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