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Heat-seeking drones at the heart of koala conservation

15-11-2018 Koalas are one of Australia's most iconic and loved animals but sadly, being iconic isn't enough to save them from the threat of extinction.

The power of giving: shaping the future through research

08-11-2018 We have a choice. To face tomorrow's challenges unprepared, or work together and face them head on.Thanks to generosity of QUT's supporters, researchers are taking decisive action on the critical issues of our time.

Life-changing accident affirms Hayley’s desire to help others in need

18-10-2018 For Honours student Hayley Fox, a Tim Fairfax AC Learning Potential Fund scholarship was the lifeline she needed to pursue her dream of moving to Brisbane to study law. 

With UN Peace Summit in sight, Maddison's future looks bright

20-09-2018 Maddison had always aspired to attend university, but it wasn't until she received a Learning Potential Fund scholarship that it became a reality.