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Floating nurseries and robotic fleet deliver coral babies

28-11-2019 Coral experts have scaled up their advanced technological approach to restoring baby corals on damaged areas of the Great Barrier Reef, using large inflatable ‘coral nurseries’ to help grow coral babies and a robotic ‘LarvalBoat’ to help disperse them back onto damaged sections of reef.

Enzyme discovery could keep tonnes of polyester from landfill

28-11-2019 QUT researchers have found a treatment to extract and reuse polyester from polyester/wool mix fabrics to help prevent some of the 92 million tonnes of textiles dumped every year going to landfill.

New QUT Research Centres

28-11-2019 QUT has announced the establishment of nine University Research Centres representing high-quality and focussed research activity that aligns to the university's key research strengths.

Helping students this holiday season

22-11-2019 Education is a precious gift. It transforms lives, creates opportunity and invests in potential. For students like Erica, a Learning Potential Fund scholarship was critical in transforming her life.

Young QUT alumni helping students attend university through a gift in Will

30-10-2019 Every year, the QUT Learning Potential Fund (LPF) gives bright and ambitious students the chance to pursue a university education, where otherwise, they’d have none.

The power of giving: shaping the future through research

13-10-2019 We have a choice. To face tomorrow's challenges unprepared, or work together and face them head on.Thanks to generosity of QUT's supporters, researchers are taking decisive action on the critical issues of our time.

QUT boosts remote teaching opportunities with new bursary

01-10-2019 A new bursary to encourage pre-service teachers to gain experience in remote areas has helped a QUT student secure a full-time role in the regional town of Murgon.

It takes many eyes to save the reef

09-05-2019 Do you dream of saving the Great Barrier Reef? QUT researchers are tapping into the power of citizen science to develop the first crowd-sourced online interactive reef map, as part of the Virtual Reef Diver project.