About the awards

The Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Excellence are an element of QUT's formal recognition program.

The awards are conferred to QUT staff members in one or more of the following categories:

  • Leadership excellence
  • Teaching and research excellence
  • Service excellence
  • Innovation and creative practice excellence
  • Inclusion and diversity excellence (new category for 2020)
  • Student learning and research excellence
  • Partnership and engagement excellence
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander excellence
  • David Gardiner Teacher of the Year.

QUT staff can access key information for the 2020 Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Excellence.

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Awarded in 2019

Leadership excellence

Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik

For building exceptional research capacity through establishment of the QUT Soft Matter Materials Laboratory and providing a rich and intellectually stimulating environment for the development of junior researchers.

Ms Megan Campbell

For facilitating ongoing interdisciplinary research collaborations and health industry partnerships and fostering a safe and healthy environment for the Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation.

Dr Paula Dootson

For an initiative that aligns QUT academics who are researching the topic of trust, ensuring that synergies are identified and that the research is conducted in a coordinated and collaborative fashion.

Mr Ali Drummond

For driving measures to strategically advance Indigenous Australian health issues and strengthen QUT’s Indigenous Health capabilities within operational and educational settings.

Professor Louise Hafner

For her contemporary approach to higher degree research student supervision and collaborative leadership approach that empowers others to achieve QUT’s research goals.

Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik

Excellence in the contribution to student learning and research

Dr Michael Mu

For outstanding supervision and support of higher degree research students, including generous sharing of expertise, feedback and knowledge.

Design for social impact in first-year experience

Mr James Macaulay, Dr Deanna Meth, Mr Dean Brough and Mrs Melanie Finger

For the development of Impact Lab 2, that has made a meaningful contribution to more than 600 first-year work integrated learning experiences across seven study areas through six direct community partnerships.

Teaching and research excellence

Professor Margot Brereton

For designing new technologies that benefit diverse groups, including children with intellectual disabilities, older adults and Indigenous communities.

Dr Judith Howard

For designing and enacting a strategic program for undergraduate, postgraduate and professional education to prepare “trauma-informed” educators of the future.

Professor Ben Mathews

For instrumental research that has influenced major reforms to legislation, governing policy and practice in the reporting of child abuse in Australia and overseas.

Service excellence

Mr Tim Buckley

For providing personalised support and improving the QUT International College student experience.

Mrs Kathryn Cameron

For developing a program of interventions that promote physical and mental wellbeing for staff in the Library Resource Services team.

Miss Bree Smith

For her innovative, collaborative and solutions-focussed approach to the Faculty of Education’s financial planning.

QUT Sport

Ms Paula Stuart, Miss Nicole Clayton, Mr Michael Jordan, Miss Adele Rose, Mr Jacob Argent, Mr Nicholas Lynch, Mr Dylan Poulus, Miss Casey Sims and Mr Tom Fisher

For boosting the profile of sport at QUT through cross-portfolio collaboration, engaging more students to take part in sporting opportunities on campus and in the community.

Innovation and creative practice excellence

Dr Aso Hajirasouli

For the design and delivery of the International Design Workshops, which have provided free support to international students in the School of Design.

Research Management Systems Upgrade / Business Process Management

Mrs Janne Barnes, Mr Jeremy Gibson, Dr Kanika Goel and Dr Wasana Bandara

For their impactful and innovative partnership that has supported high quality research by implementing systems for researchers and research administrators.

Room 17 Goes Large

Miss Sarah Stanke, Mr Moss McGregor, Dr Freya Wright-Brough, Miss Emma-Lee Steindl, Associate Professor Donna Hancox; Mr Yanto Browning and Associate Professor Michael Whelan

For the development and implementation of a post-school transition model for increasing inclusion and participation of students from diverse backgrounds in university.

Students at work at QUT School of Design.
Giving Day is an annual QUT fundraising event.

Excellence in partnerships and engagement

Associate Professor Anup Basu

For high-impact research on the superannuation savings of Australian workers that has informed the Australian Government’s Superannuation System Review.

Dr Cassandra Cross

For forging transdisciplinary research partnerships and enhancing engagement within and beyond the QUT community.

The Cherbourg and QUT Basic First Aid Paramedic Program

Associate Professor Debbie Duthie, Professor Mark Brough and Dr Jo Stephens

For development of the Paramedic Science Basic First Aid Awareness program, which educates culturally safe students and staff who are integral to improving the health and wellbeing of Indigenous Australians and communities.

QUT Giving Day Team

Ms Phoebe Escott-Kenny, Ms Claudia Steiner, Mrs Kimberley Hellberg and Mr Ben Nicoll

For building a culture of philanthropy through innovative communications and a novel giving platform on QUT’s Giving Day 2019.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander excellence

Mrs Bianca Hill-Jarro

For service excellence in support of Indigenous Australian law and justice students from recruitment to post-graduation.

Miss Melanie Saward

For embedding Indigenous Australian perspectives into the curriculum of first year units in the Creative Writing discipline.

Miss Fiona Smallwood

For a significant and ongoing contribution to the recruitment and retention of Indigenous Australian students in QUT’s Oodgeroo Unit.

James Duffy

David Gardiner Teacher of the Year

Mr James Duffy

For his longstanding commitment to students in the first year of the QUT Bachelor of Laws degree and leadership in curriculum innovation with a focus on law student mental health.

Student as partner

Mr Lewis Holmes

For increasing student participation with health, safety and environment initiatives.