Associate Professor David Holmes

David Gardiner Teacher of the Year

Associate Professor David Holmes

For making meaningful impact on student learning outcomes through redeveloping mechanical engineering design units, integrating authentic teaching content and assessment, and measurably improving student performance and satisfaction through his dedication to quality teaching.

Leadership excellence

Associate Professor Sara Couperthwaite

For her exceptional leadership across initiatives in teaching and learning, research and engagement.

Dr Marion Bateson

For developing and implementing interdisciplinary vertical integrated double degrees, developing the Advanced Science degree and re-designing the Bachelor of Science degree.

Associate Professor Sara Couperthwaite
QUT Planetary Surface Exploration Group

Research excellence

Professor Lindy Willmott and Professor Ben White

For significantly advancing end-of-life law, policy and practice in Australia through rigorous, evidence-based research.

QUT Planetary Surface Exploration Group

Dr David Flannery, Professor Balz Kamber, Dr Michael Jones, Dr Luke Nothdurft, Mr Peter Nemere, Mr Brendan Orenstein, Associate Professor Thierry Peynot, Professor Felipe Gonzalez, Dr Selen Turkay and Mr Julian Andres Galvez Serna

For their creative, aspirational, and innovative research, that brings distinct disciplines together to contribute to space exploration.

Teaching excellence

Information Systems Learning & Teaching Team

Dr Jason Watson, Dr Erwin Fielt, Mrs Sharon Altena, Dr Araz Mohammad Jabbari, Dr Rehan Syed, Mr Sri Nair, Dr Sander Leemans, Dr Rebekah Eden and Dr Kenan Degirmenci.

For their school-wide initiative to support sustainable best practices in teaching and learning, which quantified student expectations and needs during and after the pandemic.

Dr Brendan Moy

For his commitment to tackling student disengagement; employing innovative, research-informed, practical teaching experiences that bridge the gap between University and the real world.

Mr Darren Pearce

For his work to deliver engaging and innovative teaching to first year physics students.

Dr Brendan Moy
Pharmacy student participating in Work Integrated Learning

Service excellence

Work Integrated Learning COVID-19 Response Team

Dr Ricky Tunny, Mrs Amy Hartmann, Ms Kiri Patterson, Mrs Mandy Madden, Mr Jonathan Mison, Miss Hannah Ling, Ms Sandra Gardner, Miss Caroline Clark, Mrs Hiromi Sowah, Mr Mark Wiltshire, Ms Imogen White, Mrs Stephanie Holden, Mrs Holly Sketchley, Dr Sandra Johnston, Associate Professor Christina Parker, Associate Professor Mary Hannan-Jones, Mrs Julie Burbery, Dr Natalie Pollard, Dr Scott Devenish, Dr Kerri-Ann Woodbury and Mrs Vicki Braithwaite

For their clear dedication to continuing Work Integrated Learning activities for more than 4000 Faculty of Health students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Academic Promotions

Ms Nico Williams and Mr Stephan Clemens

For enhancing the user experience for academic and support staff undertaking promotion activities.

Mrs Leigh Burgess

For conceptualising and delivering QUT’s first Sustainability Week.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander excellence

Dr Craig Cowled

For consistently demonstrating commitment to excellence, success, and empowerment of QUT’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and staff.

Ms Renita Anderson

For leading and delivering exceptional Marketing & Communications outcomes for the University, the Indigenous Strategy portfolio, Carumba, Oodgeroo and the Elder-in-Residence.

Dr Craig Cowled
Dr Aaron McFadyen

Innovation and creative practice excellence

Indigenous Australian Author Series

Associate Professor Debbie Duthie and Mr Kevin Yow Yeh

For conceptualising and delivering the Indigenous Australian Author Series, a collaboration between the Faculty of Health and QUT Library that celebrates excellence in Indigenous Australian storytelling.

Dr Aaron McFadyen

For his real-world application of research in the digital disruption of airspace approvals.

Inclusion and diversity excellence

Mrs Bridget Hughes

For significant contributions to QUT’s Indigenous Perspectives in the Learning and Teaching program.

Faculty of Health Cultural Safety and Indigenous Issues School Champions

Ms Marian Boman, Professor Mark Brough, Dr Leonie Cox, Mr Ali Drummond, Associate Professor Debbie Duthie, Mr Alex Dwyer, Ms Catherine Haden, Professor Melissa Haswell, Dr Shelley Hopkins, Associate Professor Philippe Lacherez, Associate Professor Trish Obst, Adjunct Professor Fiona Naumann, Associate Professor Tony Parker, Dr Jo Stephens and Associate Professor Helen Vidgen.

For increasing knowledge and application of culturally safe practices within the Faculty of Health.

Mr Lukas Starling

For creating a training module that allows for scalable, accessible training to increase staff awareness and knowledge of issues impacting LGBTIQA+ communities.

Mrs Bridget Hughes
Dr Tatheer Zahra

Student learning excellence

Place, People, Planet and Purpose: Design for transformative learning through transdisciplinary collaborations

Mrs Melanie Finger, Mr Dean Brough, Ms Sheona Thomson, Dr Deanna Meth, Mr James Macaulay, Dr Liz Brogden, Mr Andrew Scott, Dr Greg Mews, Dr Claire Brophy, Mr Scott Parlett, Mrs Melissa Guyatt, Ms Kathleen Horton, Ms Madeline Taylor and Ms Amanda Bellaby.

For the development of four innovative, large-scale, authentic transdisciplinary Impact Lab units, allowing students to learn through experiential, inquiry-led design challenges.

Dr Tatheer Zahra

For demonstrated commitment to the success of student learning by using innovative teaching approaches and blended learning materials.

Partnership and engagement excellence

The Healthcare Excellence Accelerator (HEAL) Initiative

Professor Evonne Miller, Professor Susan Carson, Associate Professor Marianella Chamorro-Koc, Associate Professor Janice Rieger, Associate Professor Jen Seevinck, Associate Professor Rafael Gomez, Associate Professor Sean Maher, Associate Professor Lindy Osborne Burton, Dr Manuela Taboada, Dr Anastasia Tyurina, Dr Natalie Wright, Dr Judy Matthews, Dr Abbe Winter, Ms Gillian Ridsdale, Miss Erina Wannenburg, Mr James Dwyer, Mr Sam Regi and Mr Guy Lobwein.

For their design-led methods that tackle real-world healthcare challenges.

eMental Health in Practice (eMHPRAC) team

Heidi Sturk, Emeritus Professor David Kavanagh, Dr Jennifer Connolly, Dr Ruth Crowther, Dr Tania McMahon, Dr Shelley Appleton and Miss Lauren Murase.

For their partnership across industry and academia that provides training and support in digital mental health.

The QUT and Brisbane Indigenous Media Association Partnership team

Mr Ryan Menner, Miss Jennifer Barnaby, Ms Laura Christie, Ms Tracey Jefferies, Professor Robyn Mayes, Dr Juliana McLaughlin, Dr Tony Peloso and Dr Penny Williams.

For building a strong partnership with the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association, embedding new research and learnings across both organisations

eMental Health in Practice (eMHPRAC) team

David Gardiner Teacher of the Year

Dr Kath O’Brien

For her unwavering commitment to inspiring students.

Dr O’Brien is an active member of the Course Governance Team and has implemented changes to curriculum which have transformed undergraduate learning.

She has been praised by colleagues and students for incorporating innovative technology to enhance engagement with online learning and has been recognised for her commitment to supporting students’ personal growth.

Dr Kath O'Brien
Chris Emzin

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander excellence

Chris Emzin

For leading the first incorporation of Indigenous Australian perspectives as a course learning outcome in a QUT degree and developing a new Indigenous justice placement unit.

Leadership excellence

Professor Lidia Morawska

For leading a group of 239 scientists from around the globe to sign an open letter to the World Health Organisation which ultimately forced the institution to admit there was no evidence to support their view that COVID-19 could not be spread in the air.

Quality Teaching Performance Assessment team

Dr Rebecca Spooner-Lane, Dr Nerida Spina

For successfully achieving ratification of the Quality Teaching Performance Assessment through the Queensland Teacher Registration Authority which included developing a suite of resources, training for staff and students and an online marking portal. Due to their efforts and innovation final year students across four universities, including QUT, can graduate this year.

Professor Lidia Morawska / QTPA team
Dr Christine Devine

Student learning and research excellence

Dr Christine Devine

For her extraordinary contribution to student learning and research as a STEM Educator including the development of the Kitchen Lab – an experiential learning program to assist students in developing technical and transferrable skills.

Teaching and research excellence

Dr Erin O’Brien

For her leading research on anti-slavery policy which directly engaged policymaking and was cited in federal parliamentary inquiries.

Associate Professor Marianella Chamorro-Koc

For creating an industry-led research-teaching nexus, championing design for sustainable local manufacturing and propelling her Industrial Design students’ industry engagement and entrepreneurship.

Dr Erin O’Brien / Associate Professor Marianella Chamorro-Koc

Service excellence

Peter Coughran

For pioneering QUT’s first LGBTQIA+ support group for international students and providing workshops and a safe space for isolated students to share stories and form friendships.

Semester 1 Online Assessment Delivery Team

Megan Duffy, Bergita Shannon, Phill Gillespie, Tim Morris, George Fullerton, Toya Bratovich, Joe Lyons, Marselan Wignall, Ralph Bebendorf, Craig Comerford, Gregory E. Steele, Bert Wei, Peter Dubowski, Ed Baak

For supporting extensive online assessment in Semester 1. The team provided 16 hours of support for six days to facilitate 300 online assessments taken by thousands of students.

Learning designers team, Education portfolio

Mr Robert White, Ms Angela Carden, Mr Paul Fenn, Ms Katherine Harkin, Mrs Michelle Fox, Ms Rebecca McLeish, Ms Amanda Bellaby, Mr James Macaulay, Ms Vikki Ravaga, Mrs Peta Statham, Mr Timothy Baillie, Mr Andrew Kemp, Ms Tanya Wolfe, Ms Hyacinth Steele, Mr Roger Cook, Dr Pranit Anand, Dr Briony Wainman, Dr Henk Huijser, Mrs Sharon Altena, Mr Steven Kickbusch, Mrs Joanne Hobson

The learning designers were integral in enabling the university to transform from an on-campus mode to online and remotely accessed mode to deliver high quality learning within extremely short timeframes.

Peter Coughran
Jo Allder, Paul Loveridge and Sidara Engelhardt

Innovation and creative practice excellence

Compass Project Team

Dearne Tronc, Paul Loveridge, Jo Allder, Sidara Engelhardt, Chris Baldwin

For delivering CourseLoop which provides new capabilities to map, connect and visualise real-world curricula. With more than 1600 users, both academic and professional staff have praised the digital solution which encourages a high-quality student experience.

Inclusion and diversity excellence

Dr Rachael Murray

For advocating to ensure equal opportunity for equivalently qualified people, resulting in a conference gender equity policy and for establishing the SMARTwomen network to support teaching and research academics.

Pathways to Politics team, QUT Business/QUTeX

Glenda Markwell, Jamie Forster, Karen Foelz, Karina Gurowski, Kimberley Bowden, Patricia Munguia Llort, Professor Vicky Browning

For working to increase female participation in all levels of government by delivering the QUT Pathway to Politics Program for Women with an excellent satisfaction rating.

Dr Rachael Murray
Adam Davies / Dr Rafael Gomez

Partnership and engagement excellence

Adam Davies

For leading the development of the QUT Campus to Country project to ensure the university’s campuses reflect and recognise Indigenous Australian cultures.

Dr Rafael Gomez

For driving the BMW-Group / QUT partnership and advancing collaborative research innovations, student internship experiences and graduate career opportunities.

Leadership excellence

Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik

For building exceptional research capacity through establishment of the QUT Soft Matter Materials Laboratory and providing a rich and intellectually stimulating environment for the development of junior researchers.

Ms Megan Campbell

For facilitating ongoing interdisciplinary research collaborations and health industry partnerships and fostering a safe and healthy environment for the Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation.

Dr Paula Dootson

For an initiative that aligns QUT academics who are researching the topic of trust, ensuring that synergies are identified and that the research is conducted in a coordinated and collaborative fashion.

Mr Ali Drummond

For driving measures to strategically advance Indigenous Australian health issues and strengthen QUT’s Indigenous Health capabilities within operational and educational settings.

Professor Louise Hafner

For her contemporary approach to higher degree research student supervision and collaborative leadership approach that empowers others to achieve QUT’s research goals.

Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik

Excellence in the contribution to student learning and research

Dr Michael Mu

For outstanding supervision and support of higher degree research students, including generous sharing of expertise, feedback and knowledge.

Design for social impact in first-year experience

Mr James Macaulay, Dr Deanna Meth, Mr Dean Brough and Mrs Melanie Finger

For the development of Impact Lab 2, that has made a meaningful contribution to more than 600 first-year work integrated learning experiences across seven study areas through six direct community partnerships.

Teaching and research excellence

Professor Margot Brereton

For designing new technologies that benefit diverse groups, including children with intellectual disabilities, older adults and Indigenous communities.

Dr Judith Howard

For designing and enacting a strategic program for undergraduate, postgraduate and professional education to prepare “trauma-informed” educators of the future.

Professor Ben Mathews

For instrumental research that has influenced major reforms to legislation, governing policy and practice in the reporting of child abuse in Australia and overseas.

Service excellence

Mr Tim Buckley

For providing personalised support and improving the QUT International College student experience.

Mrs Kathryn Cameron

For developing a program of interventions that promote physical and mental wellbeing for staff in the Library Resource Services team.

Miss Bree Smith

For her innovative, collaborative and solutions-focussed approach to the Faculty of Education’s financial planning.

QUT Sport

Ms Paula Stuart, Miss Nicole Clayton, Mr Michael Jordan, Miss Adele Rose, Mr Jacob Argent, Mr Nicholas Lynch, Mr Dylan Poulus, Miss Casey Sims and Mr Tom Fisher

For boosting the profile of sport at QUT through cross-portfolio collaboration, engaging more students to take part in sporting opportunities on campus and in the community.

Innovation and creative practice excellence

Dr Aso Hajirasouli

For the design and delivery of the International Design Workshops, which have provided free support to international students in the School of Design.

Research Management Systems Upgrade / Business Process Management

Mrs Janne Barnes, Mr Jeremy Gibson, Dr Kanika Goel and Dr Wasana Bandara

For their impactful and innovative partnership that has supported high quality research by implementing systems for researchers and research administrators.

Room 17 Goes Large

Miss Sarah Stanke, Mr Moss McGregor, Dr Freya Wright-Brough, Miss Emma-Lee Steindl, Associate Professor Donna Hancox; Mr Yanto Browning and Associate Professor Michael Whelan

For the development and implementation of a post-school transition model for increasing inclusion and participation of students from diverse backgrounds in university.

Students at work at QUT School of Design.
Giving Day is an annual QUT fundraising event.

Excellence in partnerships and engagement

Associate Professor Anup Basu

For high-impact research on the superannuation savings of Australian workers that has informed the Australian Government’s Superannuation System Review.

Dr Cassandra Cross

For forging transdisciplinary research partnerships and enhancing engagement within and beyond the QUT community.

The Cherbourg and QUT Basic First Aid Paramedic Program

Associate Professor Debbie Duthie, Professor Mark Brough and Dr Jo Stephens

For development of the Paramedic Science Basic First Aid Awareness program, which educates culturally safe students and staff who are integral to improving the health and wellbeing of Indigenous Australians and communities.

QUT Giving Day Team

Ms Phoebe Escott-Kenny, Ms Claudia Steiner, Mrs Kimberley Hellberg and Mr Ben Nicoll

For building a culture of philanthropy through innovative communications and a novel giving platform on QUT’s Giving Day 2019.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander excellence

Mrs Bianca Hill-Jarro

For service excellence in support of Indigenous Australian law and justice students from recruitment to post-graduation.

Miss Melanie Saward

For embedding Indigenous Australian perspectives into the curriculum of first year units in the Creative Writing discipline.

Miss Fiona Smallwood

For a significant and ongoing contribution to the recruitment and retention of Indigenous Australian students in QUT’s Oodgeroo Unit.

James Duffy

David Gardiner Teacher of the Year

Mr James Duffy

For his longstanding commitment to students in the first year of the QUT Bachelor of Laws degree and leadership in curriculum innovation with a focus on law student mental health.

Student as partner

Mr Lewis Holmes

For increasing student participation with health, safety and environment initiatives.


For information on the awards, please contact the Chancellery.