You can verify academic qualifications for students who studied at QUT and several of our predecessor institutions.

This service is available to alumni, employers and the community so they can confirm a person’s claim about their qualifications.

Verification of qualifications detail the student’s:

  • course title
  • major (if applicable)
  • language of instruction
  • completion and conferral dates (if applicable).

We don't have the power to investigate allegations of false claims of qualifications made in the wider community. In many situations, the most appropriate body to investigate is the body that has received the claim, or the professional regulator. Allegations of serious fraud should be reported to the Queensland Police Service who'll investigate the matter and may approach QUT for relevant information.

Online verification

You can verify qualifications online for students who studied at:

  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Queensland Institute of Technology
  • Brisbane College of Advanced Education.

Verify a qualification online

Hardcopy verification

If you're unable to verify an academic qualification online, you should complete the hardcopy verification.

You'll need to complete the hardcopy verification for:

  • a graduate that has qualified for an award but it hasn't been conferred (as this will require authorisation)
  • for studies completed at most of our other predecessor institutions (as listed below).

Kelvin Grove

  • Brisbane Kindergarten Teachers College 1911-1981
  • Queensland Teachers College 1914-1961
  • Kelvin Grove Teachers' College 1961-1973
  • Kelvin Grove College of Teacher Education 1974-1975
  • Kelvin Grove College of Advanced Education 1976-1981

Kedron Park

  • Kedron Park Teachers College 1961-1974
  • North Brisbane College of Advanced Education 1975-1981


  • Carseldine Campus of NBCAE 1977-1981

Verification of qualification request form

To verify qualifications of students who studied at Mount Gravatt (MG) 1968-1986, contact Griffith University.


Verifying qualifications online is free.

Hardcopy verification of qualifications cost $30 for each course of study.

How long will it take

The online service is immediate.

Allow five working days to process a hardcopy request.

Requests to verify qualifications from predecessor institutions take up to four weeks.

Other ways to verify qualifications

You can also use these official documents to verify our qualifications:

We’ll also issue the following digital official documents to graduating students through My eQuals:

  • AHEGS from December 2018
  • parchments from September 2019.

Students who graduated before September 2019 can also request a digital parchment.

These students will be able to provide their digital official documents for verification of qualifications.