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Don’t tweet too soon - public companies face social media reporting dilemma

22-02-2017 ASX-listed businesses face a dilemma when it comes to engaging with shareholders via social media, according to QUT research.

Big tick for hospital at home but Queenslanders slow on the uptake

22-02-2017 Treating acutely ill patients at home, rather than in hospital, could slash treatment costs by up to 50 per cent and reduce mortality rates by 20 per cent, research has found.

Buying green doesn’t make you green: QUT study

21-02-2017 Company bosses need to walk-the-walk when it comes to greening their business with technology, with new QUT research finding that just buying green IT, doesn’t make you green.

New research agreement between Indian Institute of Technology Madras and QUT

21-02-2017 The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM)  and QUT have entered into a new applied research initiative that will focus in the areas of information security, combustion & health technologies.

Shifting Art at ReForm

21-02-2017 QUT creative talent is on the frontline of the 2017 Brisbane Street Arts Festival. In this article, Grace Kirk from the Creative Industries Faculty's online magazine, No Walls, explores some of the QUT connections:

Online daters ignore wish list when choosing a match

21-02-2017 Despite having a very clear ‘wish list’ stating their preference for potential ideal matches, most online daters contact people bearing no resemblance to the characteristics they say they want in a mate, according to QUT research.

Can a robot help you lose weight?: Join QUT study to find out

21-02-2017 Would you be more comfortable talking to a robot about your bad eating habits than a real person?

QUT News & Events Wrap - February 20 edition

20-02-2017 Welcome to QUT's weekly round-up of news and events. For more updates as they happen, join 15,423 followers of @QUTmedia on Twitter.  To subscribe to this wrap, please email

Carbs during workouts help immune system recovery

16-02-2017 Eating carbohydrates during intense exercise helps to minimise exercise-induced immune disturbances and can aid the body’s recovery, QUT research has found.

New Year’s resolutions: have yours gone up in smoke?

16-02-2017 It’s more than halfway through February and for many those hopeful New Year’s resolutions to make some positive changes have fallen by the wayside. A QUT neuroscientist may have the answer to sticking with them long-term.


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