Waiting list
Can be established for an activity where a class has reached full capacity. Students will be auto-allocated when places become available.
QUT's web based email service, which provides staff and students with an email account accessible via a web browser.
Electing not to continue with studies in a certain unit or course. A student will not incur financial or academic penalties if they withdraw before a certain date, or if special circumstances apply. See also withdrawal without academic penalty (WWAP) and withdrawal without financial penalty (WWFP).
Withdrawal Without Academic Penalty (WWAP)
removal of an academic penalty, imposed for failure to withdraw from a unit by the specified published date, due to special circumstances. See also withdrawal.
Withdrawal Without Financial Penalty (WWFP)
HECS debt or tuition fees removed due to special circumstances. See also withdrawal.
Work experience in industry (WEI)
Relevant work experience undertaken by a student that is done as a part of, or in connection with, a course of study.
A learning activity that involves active approaches, with guidance and support from teaching staff or other experts. Workshops often involve working in groups.