Leadership and development

Learning isn't limited to the classroom. Attend free workshops, seminars and short courses to help discover your passion, learn your strengths, and build your skills.

Leadership, Development and Innovation program

Our Leadership, Development and Innovation (LDI) program will help you discover your strengths and leadership style and give you the practical skills and experience you'll need to be a leader in your work, social or personal life.

What we offer

We offer a range of free workshops in:

  • leadership foundations
  • emotional intelligence
  • making the most of your university experience
  • intercultural competence
  • listening and speaking
  • personal excellence
  • organisational and community leadership
  • social justice and global change.

College of Excellence

The College of Excellence is a personal and professional development program for high-achieving students. The program offers unique learning opportunities that:

  • help you become a well-rounded individual
  • develop your transferable skills
  • increase your global outlook
  • connect you with like-minded peers.

You'll develop your leadership skills by contributing to the College of Excellence program design and by fostering community spirit with other program participants.

What we offer

Our College of Excellence offers intensive training courses in:

  • personal growth
  • professional development
  • global leadership
  • innovation and research.

We also hold events throughout the year to help you build connections with other students.

You'll be able to collaborate with our dedicated staff who can guide and support you to meet your leadership development goals.

Career development

Improve your employability and career skills through:

  • practical workshops and seminars
  • opportunities to connect with industry through employer presentations
  • volunteering, internships, and work placements to gain industry experience
  • exploring graduate employment opportunities through graduate career fairs.

Student conferences

We hold student conferences throughout the year where you can hear inspiring speakers from across Australia and share your skills with other student leaders. You can also apply for sponsorship to attend conferences outside QUT through the Experiential Development Fund, which is available to all students.