Take advantage of QUT’s flexible study options to maximise your semester in Brisbane. We offer over a thousand individual units and several ready-made packages so you can choose what you’d like to study. We've answered some of your frequently asked questions to help you understand how study at QUT works.

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The QUT College offers a range of English language and academic units. If you don't meet the English language entry requirements, you can study an English program or a combination of English and academic units.

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Frequently asked unit questions

How many units should I study?

You’ll have to be enrolled full-time while you’re here, which means studying at least three units (Aussie for “subjects”, “modules”, or “courses”). As a guide, a 12 credit point QUT unit is usually equal to 4 US credits, 7.5 ECTS, or 15 UK credits but you should confirm this with your home institution to be sure.

Most QUT students study four units a semester (48 credit points), which is considered a standard load. Under special circumstances, you may be able to study five units in a semester (60 credit points).

Even though you’ll only study three to five units, you should select six or more for your application to QUT. This is in case your timetable clashes or we are unable approve some of your preferences.

Will I earn credit towards my degree?

You must make sure that your proposed units are approved by your own university. Approved study will let you transfer your academic credit to your degree at your home university.

Do I need to have completed prior study?

Units available to study abroad and exchange students are classed as either ‘Approved’ or ‘Require approval'. You do not need to have completed prior study for ‘Approved’ units.

Units which ‘Require approval’ usually have prerequisite study. This means you must demonstrate that you have the required knowledge to take the unit based on your previous studies. To show that you have the required knowledge, you should submit your home university transcript and detailed unit outlines (in English) of the units you have completed, or are completing, at your home institution.

Some units have corequisites, which means that there is another unit you need to study at the same time. If you want to study a unit with a corequisite, you must also apply to study the related unit.

Can I choose units in different faculties?

Yes, absolutely! Transdisciplinary study is very important at QUT because it gives you an opportunity to expand your knowledge and gain a new perspective.

You can study units from any of QUT’s faculties. If you haven’t studied anything in that study area before, be sure to check if you meet the prerequisite study.

Can I study units about Australia?

Can I change units?

Yes, of course! You can change units up to the end of the second week of semester. If you want to change units:

  • you must meet all the requirements for your new unit
  • your home institution must approve the change
  • you must email QUT Global to request a change.

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