First published 14 September 2021

Knowing why that’s the case is the subject of a new book he’s designed for older children that could also work for parents and grandparents too.

The Complete Guide to Autonomous Vehicles for Kids and Everyone Else is an illustrated guide that will be made available in book and eBook formats.

“I want to make sure future generations are well informed about the pros and cons of new technologies like autonomous vehicles,” Professor Milford said.

“My young kids may grow up in a future world where they never need to drive, because autonomous vehicles could be everywhere.

“I’d love for them to understand how and why. This is a big part of the motivation in writing the book.”

The book covers a broad range of topics including the origins of autonomous cars, technical details like power, cameras, radar, lane keeping, artificial intelligence, public road testing and positioning systems.

He also said there were challenges that spanned disciplinary divides and better awareness of vulnerable road users, impacts on the automotive industry and urban planning and cyber security were just a few issues.

Professor Milford regularly gives talks about autonomous vehicles and is a leader in the field in autonomous vehicle technology for on-road and off-road transport.

His research focuses on positioning systems for autonomous vehicles, which is both a topic in the book and at the core of his recently awarded Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship.

The Education Entrepreneur, who has written and produced a series of books, including The Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence for kids, uses the kickstarter community to help cover the basic production costs.

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