The Challenge

Logan Water embarked on a significant transformation journey with the vision of becoming one integrated business, with the customer at the centre of everything they do.
The journey focused on several areas including:

  • ensuring the right people are in the right places to deliver services
  • equipping the organisation to adapt to new ways of working
  • integrating systems, data and processes to make better decisions
  • delivering a consistent and repeatable experience for customers
  • finding better ways of doing business to recognise efficiency

The newly formed leadership cohort of Logan Water required enhanced capability, to support the transformation. A key outcome was to have an aligned leadership team with all leaders understanding expectations of working together and making integrated decisions collectively. Logan Water desired leaders who could see themselves in the change and openly work together to sponsor an integrated workplace.

The Client

Logan Water and City of Logan logos

Logan Water is committed to managing the city’s drinking water systems to provide safe, high quality water services that ensure the protection of public health and the environment. They work closely with other water service providers and the state government to supply water and wastewater (sewerage) services to the community.

The Solution

The Leadership Development Program was designed to feature as part of the transformation program, realising new ways of working through building the skills and capabilities of the Logan Water Workforce. Of particular importance was harnessing the things that are great - like outstanding customer service and service continuity - and deliver benefits to the business by developing skills such as financial acumen.

The program brought to life the vision for leadership under the new Logan Water model through developing consistent leadership capability across the business, establishing the leadership foundation and allowing leaders to look up and realise new ways of working while building knowledge and awareness of their leadership role throughout the transformation implementation.

Transformational Capability Drives Success

Hear from the Logan Water Leadership Development Team and how the program helped them to achieve their organisational goals.

The Impact

One of the key elements to the success of this program was having the whole management team learn and work together. Learning together helped them develop a greater self-awareness of their leadership behaviours to grow and become a more effective, aligned and innovative leadership team.

Participant feedback about the tools and skills they learned was positive, particularly about how they are now better equipped to manage their teams through this time of change and growth. They are now focused on building the skills and capabilities of the Logan Water workforce to deliver services and support new ways of working achieved through the transformation program.

This program has helped stabilise and integrate the leadership cohort for Logan Water, which was a key element of the Transformation Program.

Download case study (PDF file, 16.0 MB)

Our investment in the program has been really worthwhile. We’ve seen our leaders grow and we now have an enhanced structure for leadership within the Logan Water business.

- Mike Basterfield, Logan Water General Manager

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ABC News feature on Logan Water and their exciting project with QUT scientists.

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