Sally McLean, 8 September, 2021

In the real world, leaders don’t stand at the helm and set the direction for others to follow. They step forward and shape the future. Change is rapid. Disruption is just a heartbeat away. For a leader, that’s exciting isn’t it? And, as a leader, you want to thrive in that environment and forge a future that takes your organisation forward with confidence. Right?

If so, an Executive MBA is likely for you, and now is an opportune time to explore the program and better understand what you might need to consider.

Application process

QUT’s Executive MBA (EMBA) Brisbane and Canberra has one intake each year, starting in early January and running part-time for two years. The application cycle for each intake generally takes two to three months, with applications received, offers made and accepted by late October or early November.

The steps leading up to submitting an application are an important part of your future EMBA success.

Probably two of the most important questions for you to ask yourself are, how will the program align with your future career aspirations, and how will you fit the program around other commitments such as work and family?

During this time it's also important that you seek support from your network before making a final decision (ie: life partner, family, friends, and colleagues).

The pre-application process generally consists of:

  • Online research;
  • Engaging with the program manager to answer any questions;
  • Attending at least one information session to understand the program in more detail;
  • Engagement with current associates and or Alumni, where possible, to understand the Executive MBA journey; and
  • Securing support with extended network to confirm before making a final decision.

Once your application is received, and confirmed to meet all of the entry requirements, you will be contacted for a final interview prior to any offer being made for a place in the program.

To help you embark on your Executive MBA journey, here is our advice for researching an Executive MBA and engaging with our program manager.

Online research

As you are weighing up your decision to commit to an Executive MBA program, there will be many things to consider. Online research will help to inform your decision. This is a great place to start to better understand what is available in the market and explore the nuances between courses to find the right program for you, such as:

  • The structure of the program and its unique offerings
    • Units that are relevant to today's business operating context and into the future
    • International Leadership and Complex Program Leadership streams with study tour
    • Coaching
    • Executive Advisor (mentoring)
    • Workplace Project (capstone project)
    • Cohort and networking opportunities
    • Alumni
  • Delivery of a program that may or may not compliment your learning style
    • Online self-directed OR face-to-face delivery
    • Cohort experience
  • Accreditation and ranking
  • Value for money

Engaging with the Program Manager

Connecting with the program manager is an important part of the application process. Experienced and familiar with the Executive MBA journey, program managers are your first point of contact to answer any questions that may have surfaced during your online research. Additionally, they are a great sounding board to help individuals determine alignment of aspirations and provide a greater insight into the reality of committing to an Executive MBA.

Program managers will ensure you are informed of any future information sessions and events to help you to become familiar with the institution. They will also seek opportunities to connect you with Alumni and current associates, another useful and valuable part in determining alignment and deciding whether or not to commit to a program.

Take the next step with your Executive MBA

If you are interested in elevating your leadership, find out more about QUT's Executive MBA in Brisbane or Canberra.


Sally McLean

Partnership Manager, QUT Canberra


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