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Current Year 12 entry

For most of our courses, entry is based only on your past academic achievement, represented by your OP score or rank.

To see which courses you may be able to get into, use the past OP and rank cut-offs in your course information as a guide.

With our OP Guarantee, if you receive an OP of 1-5, you may be guaranteed a place in the course you want.

OP or rank cut-off

Courses may be harder or easier to get into from year to year, depending on their popularity. So in some years, not everyone who achieves the guide cut-off may get in, and in other years people who don't meet the guide cut-off may be offered a place.

Higher cut-offs don't mean a course is more difficult.

We work out cut-offs based on the:

  • number of places available in a course
  • number of people applying for the course
  • standard of applicants (OP or rank).

I'm eligible for an OP

Use the past OP cut-off as a guide to which courses you may be able to get into.

I'm not eligible for an OP, but I'm studying in Queensland

You can still apply for our courses if you've completed at least 20 semester units of Authority-registered and Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects.

Your results will be converted into a rank, so use the past rank cut-off as a guide to which courses you may be able to get into.Talk to your school guidance counsellor to get an estimate of your OP ineligible rank. If you apply for study through QTAC, you'll find your OP ineligible rank in your application from late December.

I'm studying interstate

QTAC will convert your result into a rank, so use the past rank cut-off as a guide to which courses you may be able to get into.

Use QTAC's conversion tables to estimate what your rank will be.

I'm studying non-standard Year 12

You're considered a non-standard Australian Year 12 student if you don't study the Queensland Senior and interstate equivalents, or the International Baccalaureate.

Non-standard Year 12 includes:
  • Accelerated Christian Education (ACE)
  • some Rudolph Steiner Education schools
  • some home schooling.

For non-standard Year 12 students, QTAC will convert your results into a rank. To maximise your opportunity to gain entry you are strongly encouraged to undertake an approved examinations such as the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) and American Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).

Non-standard year 12 and comparable programs conversion table

OP Guarantee

If you receive an OP of 1-5 (or a rank of 93 or better) you're guaranteed a place in most of our courses, regardless of the guide OP cut-off listed in the course entry requirements.

Check your course details to see if the OP Guarantee is available for your course.

You don't need to apply separately for the OP Guarantee, just complete your QTAC application on time.

Then you can relax while you're waiting for your QTAC offer because you know you'll get into the course you want.

Please note that the OP Guarantee is only offered during the major QTAC offer round.

International Baccalaureate Guarantee

From 2013 we will provide guaranteed entry to most of our undergraduate degrees to domestic students who complete an International Baccalaureate Diploma with a score of 33 or better.

Students with a score 33 will automatically be deemed eligible for admission to all courses currently available under our existing OP 1-5 Guarantee program.

Students with IBD scores higher than 33 will continue to be considered for admission to the small number of highly selective courses not covered by the OP 1-5 guarantee.

IBD students with a score of 32 or lower will continue to be assessed under existing arrangements. They will continue to be eligible for bonus ranks for completing a language and Maths C.

Find out more with the competed International Baccalaureate Diploma conversion table

Additional entry requirements

Some of our courses have additional entry requirements, like auditions, interviews, portfolios or questionnaires.

Your OP or rank may not count for entry to these courses, or you may need a certain OP or rank combined with the additional entry requirements.

Courses with additional entry requirements



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