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Cryptoarchitecture: architecture NFTs (non-fungible tokens)

This project will explore the application of Non fungible tokens NFTs to the architectural discipline specifically. It will do so with both intellectual and entrepreneurial goals.In light of today's highly liquid global financial markets, and the rise of intangible capital as the dominant form of corporate wealth (think Facebook, Google, Bitcoin), the property sector often seems like an anachronism. Land and buildings have historically been identified as the most fixed and tangible forms of capital. They have thus been difficult …

Study level
PhD, Master of Philosophy, Honours
Faculty of Engineering
School of Architecture and Built Environment

Characterising Crowd-based Organisations

The focus of this project is on “crowd-based organisations” which are rapidly assembled organisations composed of online crowd workers to achieve complex goals.Currently, organisations use crowdsourcing strategies such as microtasking to enable goals that are so simple and modular and can be pre-defined. For example, major companies such as IBM, HP, and Oracle, have invested in Open Source Software (OSS) platforms and this allows them to harness collective intelligence through what are essentially crowdsourced activities (OSS software contributions). However, understanding …

Study level
Master of Philosophy, Honours, Vacation research experience scheme
Faculty of Science
School of Information Systems

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