The School of Biology and Environmental Science seeks to understand how microorganisms, fungi, plants, and animals - grow, sense, adapt, interact, and evolve.

The school studies how genes, species and ecosystems function and can be managed, conserved, and restored; and where appropriate apply this knowledge to biotechnological solutions.

About our school

We bring together multidisciplinary research teams to address global challenges, ranging from food security to climate change. We work across all levels of complexity, from genes to whole organisms, and in natural to modified ecosystems.

Through research and technology development, we aim to:

  • significantly contribute to the advancement of food production
  • develop more resilient and nutritional crops
  • understand groundwater-soil-vegetation interactions
  • treat plant and animal diseases
  • prevent and control pests and invasive species
  • manage and conserve native species.

Our research

The school has an outstanding record of producing impactful pure and applied research outcomes, with ERA ratings for fields of research either at or well above world standard (ERA 2015).

We are the partner of choice for research and innovation at federal, state and regional government levels, and with industry and end-users.

Our researchers currently play a leadership role in the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) Industrial Transformation Research Centre for Fruit Fly Biosecurity Innovation, the ARC Centre of Excellence in Synthetic Biology, and the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Success.

School members have leadership roles and are affiliated with a number of university research centres including the Centre for Agriculture and Bioeconomy, Centre for the Environment and Centre for a Waste-Free World.

Fruit Fly Research Group

An internationally leading centre for fruit fly research and education, we partner with industry, government and other researchers to ensure the best possible science and technology is applied to solving the global biosecurity issues caused by these pests.

Our fruit fly research

Quantitative Applied Spatial Ecology Group

An ecological research lab comprised of academics, post-doctoral fellows, postgraduate and honours students led by Dr. Grant Hamilton.

Our ecological research

Industrial Biotechnology, Bioproducts and Biorefining

We're developing high-impact industrial biotechnology, synthetic biology and biorefining technologies to support the growth of this industry in Australia and around the world.

Our biotechnology, bioproducts and biorefining research

Learning and teaching experience

Mindful of the way in which science and engineering must be done in the 21st Century, the school creates an environment where issues can be discussed, researched and resolved in a way that attends to competing priorities.

Our courses in biology and environmental science reflect this approach as we seek to provide students with learning experiences appropriate to real-world problems.

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Our research partnerships

We're working with you to find solutions to your problems. Reach result through a collaborative partnership with our experienced research experts who make active contributions to their fields.

Our partnerships

Our staff

Dr Satya Nandlal
Visiting Fellow
Division / Faculty
School of Biology & Environmental Science
Research fields
Ecological Applications
Environmental Science and Management
Soil Sciences
Dr Daniela Tikel
Laboratory Manager
Division / Faculty
School of Biology & Environmental Science
Research fields
Land and Farm Management
Agricultural Biotechnology
Manufacturing Engineering
Mr Stephen Leo
Research Associate
Division / Faculty
School of Biology & Environmental Science

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Study science and join the pursuit for knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world.

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News and events

23 May 2022

Brisbane scientists awarded US funding to help fight new viruses like COVID & Monkeypox

A team of Brisbane scientists led by QUT’s Dr Nathan Boase has been awarded a U.S. Department of Defense global grant to investigate a new method to prevent emerging viruses like COVID-19 and Monkeypox from being able to spread through human cells during new pandemics.

23 May 2022

QUT and Hastings Deering dig deep on new data partnership

QUT and heavy equipment supplier Hastings Deering have joined forces to advance emerging data science technologies to build better returns for customers, partners, and investors alike.

19 May 2022

Environmental devastation and the power of microbes given artistic expression

A large installation made of sugar will be the centrepiece of a new exhibition focussed on the hidden connections between people and their environment opening at QUT Art Museum on July 5.

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