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You may need to advise students to guide them through their applying journey. Use this as your starting point for all study-related enquiries.

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Entry requirements

Academic entry requirements

Check the course information to locate the academic requirements the student will need to meet for entry. This is also where you will find information regarding additional requirements such as pre-requisites, auditions, interview or portfolios.

Some courses with additional requirements have specific closing dates. Make sure these are checked and understood before submitting the application.

English proficiency requirements

The applicant will need to meet the English language level required for their preferred course.  QUT accepts results from a variety of standardised tests. You can find the minimum test scores required listed on the course requirement tab.

We accept test results from the following for most courses:

  • Cambridge English Score
  • Duolingo English Test (DET)
  • IELTS (Academic)
  • TOEFL iBT (internet-based)
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic)

The proficiency test must be no more than two years before the start of the course.

There may be other ways to meet the proficiency requirements, depending on the prior study and qualifications. Check the course information for details.


If the applicant doesn’t meet all requirements for their preferred course, we will consider the application for a package.  Once they pass the pathway courses they will progress to their preferred degree.

Explore English and pathway programs

Genuineness Requirements

As part of simplified student visa framework (SSVF) we must ensure the application to study is genuine and and that they can successfully complete the planned study. We will consider a range of personal and academic factors when we assess their application, including:

  • their immigration history, including any prior visa refusals
  • their personal circumstances
  • the relevance of your proposed study to your previous study and work experience.

When you submit an application, please provide a statement of purpose to support the application including why they chose to apply for their nominated course, and how it will benefit their future career prospects.

Financial capacity

A student must have access to sufficient funds to cover the full cost of studies in Australia. This includes tuition, study costs and living expenses. Find out more about study fees and costs.

Applicants requiring an agent and Checklist and detailed Statement of Purpose

A QUT official representative is required for offshore applicants from certain countries.

The application form will request the Agent checklist and details Statement of Purpose to be added with the supporting documentation.

Note: This list is subject to change. Australian sanction laws enforce United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and Australian Autonomous sanctions regimes. Up to date details on country specific sanctions can be found on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

Tuition fees

You can check the course information to see the indicative tuition fees for the nominated course.  Fees are reviewed each year, and the total cost might change depending on how many credit points you enrol in.

A standard full-time semester (or study period) load is usually 48 credit points, and an individual unit (or subject) is usually 12 credit points.

The offer letter will include the indicative fees are for a full-time study period.

Tuition fees usually increase every year.  Please read the international student fee policy and refund policy before accepting the offer.

How much will study cost?

Visit the fees and scholarships page to learn about study costs.

Extra costs

There are other fees such as for programs that are part of a package and English programs. These include:

  • a $3,000 course package deposit
  • an ELICOS program registration fee of $175 (if applicable).

Some courses have extra costs for things like field trips, equipment, or practical training. See your course details for any additional costs.


We offer dozens of scholarships for students studying in a range of fields. Search our scholarship collection to see if there’s a scholarship for your applicant.

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International education agents play an important role in helping students make the best decisions for their future studies.

When ready, you log in to our agent portal to submit and manage applications.

Important dates applying to study

Please use the international student key date search for the category Applying to study. You'll need to make sure applications are submitted on time.

Supporting documents

When you submit the application in Studylink, you’ll need to include copies of:

  • student's passport or national identity card
  • student visa and eCOEs if applicable
  • current and prior academic documents
  • English language tests if applicable

The application form will remind you if there are additional details for a particular applicant, for example, CV or portfolio etc.

If the documents are not in English, please also provide an official English translation.

Application fee

The last step in the application form is the application fee payment, which is made via Studylink. Once the payment is complete in the portal, the application will be ready for submitting to QUT.

Our application fee can only be paid by credit card and must be paid in the portal.

Advanced Standing

We have arrangements with institutions overseas and in Australia where advanced standing is approved. You can see which institutions are included and what exemptions may be eligible for through the Advanced Standing Precedent List.

If you can’t find the specific institution, course or units on the Advanced Standing Precedent List, please provide the previous study on the application form. Make sure that you provide copies of:

  • academic transcript, including the unit code, unit title and grades
  • unit outlines or course syllabus for the units you want advanced standing for. They should include credit points, contact hours, aims and objectives, texts and references, and details of any assessment.

If the application is successful, we’ll tell you how many credit points you’ve been granted in your offer letter and the duration of your offer.


If the application is successful, you’ll receive an offer letter which can be viewed in the portal.  Our offer will include course details, duration, any scholarships (if applicable), the acceptance of offer terms and conditions and will include OSHC (if applicable).

For conditional offers, please upload the supporting documentation to meet the conditions stated on the offer in the portal . Once all conditions are met we will send an unconditional offer.

To request a package offer, please contact us in the portal and provide any additional documentation and we will review the request.

To request a deferral of the offer, please to go to the Respond to Offer button and nominate ‘Defer offer’.

If you have any queries or wish to request other changes you can message us in the portal and we will prioritise this for you.

Ready to make payment and accept

When the applicant is ready to make payment please respond to the offer  and then select ‘Accept’, this will take you to the online Acceptance of Offer form.

Please ensure the student has read and understood their offer and the acceptance of offer terms and conditions. Agents can then accept the offer in the portal on the applicant’s behalf.

Once you have completed the form: including emergency contacts, visa lodgement locations and other mandatory fields, you will immediately be taken to the payment channel links.

Important dates for acceptance of offer

Please use the international student key date search for the category Acceptance of offer. You'll need to make sure payments and responses to the offer are submitted on time.

Paying fees

Payment links are created in the portal for agents to send to the students.

Students can pay fees by Flywire funds transfer or credit card by following the payment link, selecting a Payment Method and following the instructions.

How to use Flywire

We use Flywire to process payments from international students. Students can pay in their home currency and track payments online. We can also quickly identify students’ payments, which makes the acceptance process more efficient.

  1. Select Flywire as payment method.
  2. Create a Flywire account, or log in to an existing account.
  3. Follow the instructions to send funds to Flywire. The student will have to enter credit or debit card details online to pay in their home currency.
  4. Track payment progress via the Flywire account. Flywire will also send email and text status updates.

Please note fund transfer payments can take up to 10 business days to appear on the QUT’s a record and the acceptance cannot be finalised until the payment has been received at QUT.

Until we receive your payment it will show in the portal as Acceptance – Pending Payment.  Once the funds arrive, the application status in the portal will automatically alert us that payment is finalised.

Payments by credit cards will be processed within 24 hours and will update the application status in the portal and this automatically alerts QUT that payment is finalised.

Learn more about Flywire. You can access FAQs, payer guides and other resources via the Flywire website.

Xetta fraud detection

We use the Xetta platform to detect fraudulent behaviour in payment systems. If you lose access to the QUTPay website, contact your QUT regional manager immediately.

Confirmation of Acceptance

When we have received the acceptance deposit, we can finalise the acceptance and send an emailing confirming the students acceptance.  An electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCoE) will be available through portal to progress the student’s visa application, if needed.

Under 18

Additional information will be required to finalise the acceptance.  When selecting Option 1 you declare you will have arranged suitable supervision until you turn 18.

If you select Option 2, you are requesting QUT to arrange supervision.  Additional costs will apply and once approved and finalised your COE will be accompanied by the CAAW form to provide with the visa application.

Forms and applying

Type of application How to apply
Course applications
Undergraduate courses, postgraduate coursework, and bridging, foundation and diploma programs Apply through the QUT Application Portal
PhDs and research degrees Apply through the QUT Applicant Portal
Exchange and study abroad program

Apply through the QUT Application Portal

English language studies

Apply through the QUT Application Portal

Agent information
Agent appointment for Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) applicants QTAC agent form (DOCX file, 49.1 KB)
Change of agent or request to represent student CA form (PDF file, 95.8 KB)
For students from specific countries
Applicants with citizenship from certain countries (PDF file, 75.8 KB) must complete the agent checklist form and submit it with their application to QUT.

Agent checklist form (PDF file, 148.9 KB)

Applicants with citizenship from certain countries (PDF file, 75.8 KB) are required to submit a detailed Statement of Purpose (SOP) to clarify or explain how the risk is mitigated.

Statement of Purpose (SOP) (PDF file, 168.6 KB)

Contact us

Contact our agent support team if you have any enquiries about agent management, contracts, contact details, or other agent-related issues.